Quality Standards of Construction by American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, AIA is located on T1735 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20006. The company has a library where they have displayed a variety of bestselling books about design and others on architecture. They also have stores where they sell decors and many other architectural designs.

The company operates under regulations that architectures have to meet for them to acquire memberships at the firm. These standards include a code of ethics and bylaws that govern AIA. Members also are required to meet antitrust compliance for them to be accepted in the American Institute of Architects.

The architecture and design firm is governed by Robert Ivy who is the Chief Executive Officer. Robert Ivy is positive that architecture and design are yet to take a different course to provide bigger and better projects. These advancements will position architecture in higher ranks in the world’s economic markets. Landscape designers are also focused on contributing to more profitable economic developments.

Additionally, Robert Ivy is committed to embracing more sustainable ways of offering quality designs to the world’s population. Considering the constant increase in population curves, the architecture industries may not be able to deal with housing pressures from the increase in the number of residents.

Climate change is also another factor that Robert Ivy and the other members of American Institute of Architects are considering. Natural calamities such as snowstorms and earthquakes have destroyed many homes in the past leading to many deaths. Thereupon, the company is advocating for the development of cities to reduce the population pressures in many communities.

Most of all, the American Institute of Architects is working towards delivering healthcare and wellness with their projects. The construction of buildings with firm foundations is an art that every architect should master. These advancements have fuelled research and studies pertaining to the health realm at the U.S. General Services Administration, GSA. The results of these studies will improve the quality of projects offered by various building and construction companies.

Altogether, the American Institute of Architects is focusing on rooting quality standards for the built environments. Starting with maximizing healthcare and coming up with constructions that can withstand the forces of nature is the first principle to consider. Besides, the companies should still maintain the beauty of art in all the projects that they offer.

With all these, the world will be a better and a beautiful place to live. Good health and proper housing is everything that an economy needs for it to develop.

Bob Reina Is A Friend To Animals In Addition To Being A Tech Entrepreneur

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is certainly known for his developments in video marketing technology, but he’s also gone way beyond that to providing a home for abandoned animals both at his house and at the Tampa Humane Society. He’s given generously to this non-profit group with a recent report showing that he had given $1 million total over the course of a year. Reina loves animals and with 11 pets at his own house, he has all he can handle with them. But he wants to see his philanthropy and the gifts from his company make a difference in an area that is usually underfunded, including for some pet owners who struggle paying for veterinarian clinics.


Bob Reina not only has a passion for animals, but also has put people at the front of his list as well. He had hoped to make a difference in people’s lives originally as a law enforcement officer, but over time that career began to wear on him. So he retired and began looking at multilevel marketing businesses as a way to start a new career. Things weren’t always easy, but it was in 2004 that he came up with the idea to run his own business after seeing a niche in video email marketing. He had originally just wanted to send videos through email for just personal reasons, but after seeing how it could potentially help businesses as well, he went all in on it. By 2007, he and his friend Dr. Jonathan Chen had launched Talk Fusion’s first program.


Bob Reina wanted Talk Fusion to be a tool for others to make money, and that’s why he started the Talk Fusion Associates program. For associates who make a great amount of sales, they can earn a huge variety of rewards from gold watches and other jewelry, to paid dream vacations and even the most expensive sports cars. Reina also decided to make all of Talk Fusion’s programs free to try for 30 days without even needing a credit card. Reina often blogs about the developments in video marketing technology at MarTech Advisor and the HuffPost. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/



The Success of Robert Thikoll

Robert Thikoll was appointed the Vice President of Ingersoll Rand on October 2014 to lead the firm in the operational department. The company operates worldwide through which it improves the life itself by building sustainable and proper environment for the clients and consumers.

However, it has partnered with several brands so as to ensure there is comfort in houses. Ingersoll Rand also offers transport facilities and secures food which are perishable hence growing the industrial output. Robert works diligently with his seniors so as to assist recognize and implement the aim of the firm to flourish and enlarge the institute.

Robert Thikoll has several degrees such as that of Political Science in Japanese at the Arizona State University. He also acquired a different degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Nanzan University. Robert has been leading the firm towards developing its objectives though the use of transformation. Through his leadership skills and inspiration he has led the firm to implement certain initiatives which have improved the firm.

Robert Thikoll is happily married and has two children. He uses his role in the leadership role to mentor the youth and the business people to invest more in the advanced technology among others. Robert believes that relationship between individuals is what makes people become prosperous or not. The connection serves a major key towards being successful.

Robert has several innovative ideas through which the advanced systems can comprehend and solve such as the accounting practice and the business model. During the past, Robert held certain roles in the Danahar Corporation firms before linking up with Beckman Coulter. The firm works on science and technologies so as to make life better for persons to live conducively. During his tenure in the firm, he was able to acquire several awards due to his great work and effort in the institution.

AvaTrade Review Shows Growth and Abundance

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the foreign exchange and contract for difference brokerage firm, AvaTrade, was founded in 2006 by a group of financial experts, chiefly consisting of Emanuel Kronitz, Clal Finance, and Negev Nosatzk. Since its inception, AvaTrade has become one of the most dominant forex brokers in the world, with offices in Tokyo, Paris, New, York, Milan, and several other major cities across the world. The markets that AvaTrade specializes in include stocks, commodities, and bonds, while they also provide services regarding bitcoin, and a number of other financial instruments.

AvaTrade is licensed by the Central Bank of Ireland, as well as the MiFID, and utilizes two major platforms chiefly, which include AvaTrader and MetaTrader. AvaTrader consists of a myriad of features, including the ability to execute foreign exchange and CFD trades on a number of home and mobile devices, and offers a high-tech interface that is suitable for both the novice and the expert trader. AvaTrade’s MetaTrader platform also allows you to trade forex, but additionally includes the option to trade indices and commodities, while offering low spreads.

When choosing AvaTrade, you have the option to open a live account or a demo account, all of which come with features such as webinars, online courses and live market news in order to assist you with your trading. Deciding on the live account allows you to pick from several options, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Ava Select, each with a minimum deposit in accordance with the level of the package. The premium Ava Select account includes an option to withdraw 24 hours a day, while the other accounts operate on a 5-hour withdrawal period.

AvaTrade is an online trading platform that helps the novice and expert trader to navigate the market, presenting you with detailed information regarding its status, while also acting as your eyes and ears on a 24-hour basis, due to the market’s constant and fluctuating nature. There are many advantages to choosing AvaTrade as your designated platform, including the fact that it is a regulated broker, helping you to avoid any illegalities, while also providing custom solutions that can cater to your individual financial needs as a trader.


When it comes to networking and connecting investors and business people globally, the Oxford Club has proved to be the best in this area. This organization deals with various businesses such as financial institutions and entrepreneurs who deal with precious and quality metals. Its primary vision is to enable their clients to move to higher heights and achieve their goals in business by acquiring wealth that will last for a long time so that they can revel in a wealthy life that does not entail money only. It got established in the year 1989 at Baltimore with the aim of specializing in market trend analyses and carrying out trading activities with a lot of professionalism and giving members individual bits of advice and information based on trading. Oxford has existed for at least thirty years now through the leadership of Alexander Green who happens to be a very able leader and an expert in entrepreneurship and anything to do with trading and strategizing. All business ideas and struggles that Alexander and his team come up with gets published in The Oxford Communiqué. The club has a large population of members that goes up to one hundred and fifty-seven thousand within 131 countries.

For quite a long time Oxford is known for offering the best services to its clients thus making it reliable in their information and also in their business strategies. The club shares their idea throughout the world through seminars some universal tours. It stands to be an independent financial company and goes ahead in offering education providing investment advice this education part has been named as investment U which got formed in 1999. The Oxford Club has worked through Investment U Daily through the internet, publishing new letters and other resources.

The Oxford investors believe that opportunities are found outside of the normal through research and connections with the investments that give a high profit and have the lowest risk then they share the information with their members. One thing that has made Oxford outstand other network investors is the fact that they are not stingy with information and they are always reliable and consistent.

Full story: http://reporterexpert.com/oxford-club-shares-timely-investment-recommendations/

Siteline Cabinetry Inspires Renovations

If you have recently been in the mood for renovating then you might have been inspired by Siteline Cabinetry and if they were not your inspiration after seeing them, they will be. Release Fact explains why Siteline Cabinets provides great inspiration for people renovating their homes. Siteline offers cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom and more and that means, more inspiration for remodeling your home. With 289 different cabinet options, Siteline cabinets can fit any design or mood of a room or the owner’s personality. With friendly and knowledgeable employees who can offer more advice and inspiration, it is not hard to see why these cabinets can provide inspiration. They have multiple stains, paint, finishes and cabinet designs that can let your imagination run wild. On top of amazing cabinets they provided their customers with high speed and lifetime warranties to prove that they really care for their consumers. Release Facts concluded the article with explaining of Siteline Cabinets does not sell to consumers, they go through other companies.

Siteline Cabinetry is a business to business company that specializes in customized cabinets in which they are known to deliver amazing quality at high speed. They are part of a company called Corsi Group which was found in July of 1973 by the namesake of the company Pat Corsi. He will later in 2015 found Siteline Cabinetry since he had a lot of experience working with cabinets because before founding Corsi he worked at a cabinet company. At his first company he employees over 2,000 people but at Siteline he only has around 50.

Siteline is different from other cabinet companies because they allow every stage of the cabinet to be customized. They are considered a designer line of cabinets and a consumer is able to customize the size, shape, paint , and finish of the cabinets with over 270 options to choose from. The headquarters for Siteline is located in Keysville, VA where they purchased a 47,000 square feet plant to produce their cabinets and still are expanding their plant. At the plant, Siteline Cabinetry employees many crafts people and finishers to produce these amazing cabinets.

Jeremy Goldenstein on the Pros and Cons of Stock Options Compensation

Business owner and legal expert Jeremy Goldstein shed some light on the reasons employers have been opting not to provide their employees with stock options. While some corporations are going down that path in an effort to save money, there are many businesses that have other reasons for the decision.


Jeremy Goldstein is serving at the helm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, That is a law firm that has been at the forefront in the recent years. The law firm works perdominantly in advising compensation committees, as well as CEOs and other people in leadership. Jeremy Goldstein is working as Partner.


The value of stock options are not set in stone, and so that value might drop easily. That would render employees incapable of using the benefit. Corporations still have to report any expenses, but it can leave shareholders in a state of overhang.


Another reason for curtailing the benefit is due to economic downturns. Many are wary of this method of compensation and view it more as tokens rather than real cash. Employees are also polarized in opinions as many do not consider stock options to hold as much value as simply a higher salary.


On top of the ever-changing nature of stock options, providing them to employees also comes with a great deal of accounting. Not only that but the relevant cost might exceed the benefits of stock options.


Despite the cons, there are also some advantages to stock options as additional wages. A stock option can provide a good incentive for employees to increase their productivity rate as the more the company’s shares rise in value, the more their stock shares will rise in value as well. That is a pretty simple formula that is easy to understand for most employees.


In order to gain that and more benefits, a company can try a strategy called ”’knockout”. To illustrate that, an employee might receive a stock option with five years to it, and it allows them to buy a stock that costs $150 per unit. If the company’s share value, however, drops to, say, below $75 then the stock option goes into a knockout.


Knockout stock options are the same as the conventional type for the most part. They have the same time limit as well as the corresponding vesting requirements. What makes it different, however, is that the employee loses them when the share value of the business drops below a certain amount of value.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on LinkedIn.


Matt Badiali: The Natural Investor

Matt Badiali is a Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and a committed natural resource investor. In his publication, Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali discusses the fast-paced investments that are available to those interested in natural resources. Through his work in the industry, Badiali has figured out how to navigate the highs and lows of this investment sector using personally gained knowledge. He uses this knowledge of oil wells and mining to help him provide his readers with grounded investment advice they can use to make important decisions. His consistent publishing allows him to bring his readers real-time information that will change their financial habits and pay off dividends in the future.

Though Badiali has traveled the world extensively in the pursuit of rare investment opportunities, his training did not start in the investment world. After receiving a B.S. in Earth Science from Penn State, Badiali chose to pursue a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He eventually started working as a geologist for a drilling company. This gave him up-close knowledge of the industry that he still uses in his work today. In fact, due to his hands-on nature, Badiali has been considered an expert in his field for quite some time. He has considerable knowledge in the mining, oil, energy, and agricultural industries. This knowledge allows him to survey not only the investment sites but also the workers to ascertain whether it would be a sound investment opportunity for his clients and his readers.

Throughout his career, Badiali has never been afraid to put himself in the middle of the action to figure out if he is making a sound decision. This attitude has afforded him many opportunities to surround himself with titans of the natural resource industry, giving him more experiences that he can parlay to his readers. Surely, Badiali has proved to be invaluable in his field. He has taught geology at a couple of universities, including Duke University. He has also presented research within his field at major geologic conferences and entertained many major players in the oil industry. He does not shy away from the challenges that are presented from the significant involvement that he puts into each of his projects. Badiali works tirelessly to increase his knowledge and influence within the natural resource world. Surely, Badiali is the go-to author for anyone hoping to learn more about smart natural resource investment opportunities.

The prolific American Institute of Architects

It is a group of professional architects located In the United States of America. The institute is committed with the support of engaged architecture, society development, in line with offering educational programs based on government policies. Commonly referred to as the AIA, it was established in the New York in the year 1857. A group of 13 architects united in the endeavor of influencing the scientific involvement and enabling sound practices by its highly qualified staff. It has always facilitated the elevation of professionalism in the field of architecture. The group is currently headed by its chief executive officer Mr. Robert Ivy and Thomas V. Vonier as the president. The firm propels its efforts in the cohesion of its staff as well as coming up with models to help in coordinated construction acts.

Its Growth and Development

The leadership of this organization is splendid devoted to spearheading public demands in the scope of architecture. The interests of its staff members are kept in the frontline as well as pushing for client satisfaction. The president of the firm has helped in the sustainable growth and vital elements of urbanization. He has tackled issues concerning climatic changes as well as promoting projects and programs of global standards. The firm is also involved in the global industrial operations supporting informed decisions on building and construction. The company, in collaboration with various municipalities, continues to provide reliable security measures.

Impact it brings to the Economy

AIA’s study led to the formulation of the landmark recommendations in the department of the Secretary of State bringing innovative models that generate significant growth. Thomas was an international advisor to the Federal planning program that led to the achievement of the Presidential Design Award. Robert believes in the affirmative and efficient provision of architectural designs that provide disaster relief solutions and improvement in health standards. The economy has drawn its benefits in the attainment of innovation via technology to provide the desired levels of development. Since his appointment, the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects has helped solve issues on the role of architects in global growth as well caring for the future of architecture. The organization progressively has created the desire to create awareness in understanding the building sector trends as well as launching comprehensive reports on the urge of professionalism in these construction practices. The firm continues to inspire the nation in fostering development in modernizing urbanization. The company focuses on improving the security and architecture in general.


Fabletics Leaves Its Imprint Behind

There are very few brands that can leave an imprint in the mind of people. Fabletics is one such brand. There are many reasons behind this. One of these is the vision that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had when they co-founded and launched this brand.


Both of these are avid businessmen. They do not have much experience in fashion but are well aware of what the consumers are looking for. Also, they have experience in the e-commerce field. Hence all the brands under TechStyle are highly successful.


Through Fabletics, they have tried to mix fashion with technology. This is why the business model of Fabletics is unique and highly successful. In fact, all the brands under TechStyle are based on the same business model, and the results are there for all to see.


In this, a customer becomes a member of the brand even before making a single purchase. This is something very unlike any other business strategy. Typically customers make purchases and then they are asked to become loyal members of the brand.


In case of Fabletics, there is an online site as well as physical stores that are spread all across the US. In fact, they are planning to open many more such stores. This is because the founders of Fabletics are well aware that there are still many people who would like to touch and feel clothes before actually buying them. Besides, having a physical store nearby adds to the local connect. People like to consider it as their own local store catering to the needs and wants of the local customers. Due to these reasons, many more physical stores of Fabletics are going to be opened across the US.


Once a customer walks into the store or visits the site, she is asked to fill in a simple questionnaire. This would have details about their workouts. It would ask what kind of workouts they like and how many times they do it in a well. Next, it asks about the place where they go for workouts. Then the questionnaire asks about their preferences in terms of clothes. This can be with regard to texture, color, and style of their workout clothes. This will end by asking the vital statistics of the person.


In this way, Fabletics is able to collect huge data about their customers. But just having data is not enough. Something needs to be done on it in order to make all this effort worthwhile.


Fabletics will use this information to choose a garment for the customer. This will be sent to that person as a free gift. Since all the Fabletics clothes are of high quality, hence they are liked by the customers. Now they would be asked to become the VIP members of the brand. This would allow them special discounts on their chosen apparel. Besides, they would be the first to know about any upcoming designs and trends. This would require paying up a nominal amount each month as the membership fee.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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