Darien Dash, the Managing Director of The Movement Management Advisors, is a renowned entrepreneur and has vast experience in the same field. Darien has worked with numerous clients over the years, providing advice in various areas, including the banking sector, sports, cannabis industry, and the capital market. Darien Dash notes that he was inspired by the book, Megatrends to get involved in technology. After completion of his studies, he joined Digital Music Express as a marketing and sales director. However, he did not believe in the company’s strategy and therefore decided to start his own company. He started DME interactive Holdings, which was aimed at serving the minorities in the community. Darien believes in equality for all people. Read more at Twitter

Darien notes that his company used different marketing strategies from other companies to help them establish themselves and increase their clients base. They interacted directly with consumers in urban areas and fostered relationships with congregations and school boards. Darien Dash highlights that receiving funds and support for his startup was quite challenging as many firms turned him away. However, this did not deter him from pursuing his mission. The company was later made public through a reverse merger initiated by Mason Hill investment bank.

Darien Dash was determined to bring the concept of the digital divide to the lime light. He defines it as the inability of the African-American and the Hispanic community to gain access to the internet and the music that he distributed. He made key partnerships with Carly Fiorina, Ted Leonisis, and the Helping Educate, Activate, Volunteer, and Empower to help these communities gain access to computers and the skills to operate them.

Darien advises young entrepreneurs to never give up despite the challenges they face in their journey. Darien Dash notes that despite achieving one goal, you should constantly seek to achieve more and more so that you can experience substantial growth. Website: http://dariendash.com/