Ross LevinsohnIn the early 2000s, Fox Interactive Media surged ahead of the competition. While other media companies flirted uncertainly with digital outlets, Fox went ahead full steam and prospered as a result. Even today, Fox holds an advantage that is palpable to the competition.

Then, in 2010, Yahoo saw its rise to the top come to an abrupt halt. Although Yahoo had been an early pioneer in digital media, poor leadership decisions had cost the company severely. By this time, the company had gone from an industry leader to a questionable property. In order to survive, Yahoo needed powerful leadership. Only with decisive insight was the company able to turn itself around.

Maven is another media company on the brink of greatness. Maven has a wide media portfolio, and it controls numerous profitable properties. However, in the digital media world, stagnancy leads to decline. In order to keep moving ahead, Maven would need fresh leadership to take charge. It would need the right CEO to take it to the next chapter of greatness.

These three companies all have important stories of peril and eventual success. They also all have one thing in common. They have all benefitted from the leadership of Ross Levinsohn.

Ross Levinsohn has been working in the media industry since the 1980s. He obtained his degree in communications from American University, and he built his career at outlets like HBO, CBS Sportsline and AltaVista. Although Levinsohn is considered a leader in digital media, he has a good understanding of the transitional elements of media. He knows how to take the best parts of traditional media and infuse them with digital elements that appeal to a wider range of consumers. By expertly navigating the consumer experience in this way, Levinsohn is able to provide powerful leadership that really defines a company.

By looking at Ross Levinsohn’s career, it is easy to be impressed. However, tracking his movements from one company to the next does not show the level of commitment Levinsohn has invested into each position. For Ross Levinsohn, media is not just a career. It is his passion.