The world has entered an unprecedented realm where business tycoons are more prevalent than ever. Thanks to technology, the Scions of iconic entrepreneurship, niches, and leadership amongst firms are enjoying the renaissance.

Despite the hoopla, there are outstanding personalities that managed to be the center of the liveliness of today’s world. Alejandro Betancourt tops the list. He has convinced the world by depicting concepts that have set eCommerce ablaze.


Alejandro Betancourt is a great leader at the helm. He has managed to motivate his staff, fight for others to see, and trust his vision. Over the past years of walking head-held high in the affiliated companies, he led the acquisitions like O’Hara, Pacific Exploration, and production.

Betancourt happens to be the appointed president of Hawkers. Hawkers. It was launched in 2013 by four friends with the aim of manufacturing designer sunglasses. Fortunately, the firm picked up quickly, valued at $ 60 million.

It became an enormous sunglasses firm in the world. It has more than 6million followers on social media as clients prefer their fancy sunglasses with cheap price tags listed under them. The purpose of Hawkers was not to reach a desirable profit margin but to achieve sales by making clients believe that they can rock fashion cheaply and still feel like they’re wearing a dolce and Gabbana design.

Personal Life

Alejandro Betancourt is a descendant of former acting president Hermogenes Lopez, who ruled between 1887-1888 after the resignation of General Antonio Guzman, who went in Exile.

He obtained a double major in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Suffolk in Massachusetts. The degree prepared him for his successful career fulfillment today. Alejandro is married to Andreina Rojas, and they reside in London.