Hawkers was established on firm grounds of offering top-notch quality, designer, and highly stylish sunglasses and then price them affordably. Therefore, the lifestyle brand gained massive momentum amongst the followers.

This firm enjoyed a lot of Spanish success, but it also had some downsides, and so the management found it necessary to turn to Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to spearhead the company operations. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has since hiring rebounded the company’s trajectory and fortunes.

Betancourt’s presidential tenure has seen the company become a global fashion agency. Alejandro Betancourt together with some investors garnered some 50 million Euros that helped the company to strengthen the leadership, whereby Nacho Puig became the CEO, who also oversaw the business development and basic operations.

After massive Spanish exploits, Alejandro Betancourt expanded Hawkers’ ties to other European countries, North America, and Asia. In 2018, Alejandro Betancourt boosted the investment by approximately $21.7 million, thereby becoming the main shareholder with about 50% interest control. Betancourt experienced some setbacks but always advised the colleagues to keep pressing regardless of the magnitude of the challenges.

Betancourt has transformed the venture over time, and it has about 200 workers with main offices in Mexico City, Hong Kong, Elche, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. During Betancourt’s tenure, the agency has registered a unique market presence in approximately 50 states globally commanding a 4.5 million sunglass sales volume.

This venture was founded by Caleb Garrett and Alex Moreno with about $300, and Betancourt has grown the venture to enjoy revenues worth $100 million. Hawkers became the first businesses to exploit Facebook advertising because the ad campaigns boosted popularity and sales over time.

The company has garnered about 6.6 million likes to become among the best fashion ventures on Facebook. The company now relies on digital lines to distribute the sunglasses, and so their price tags are quite friendly and flexible without compromising the quality.

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