Alexander PayneAlexander Payne is a director who enjoys telling realistic stories and giving it humor along the way. He generally sees the darker humor in life and puts this into his scripts for his movies. Alexander Payne doesn’t enjoy when movies are completely unrealistic and prefers reality based films to portray real life. He sees reality as something that should be realistic and not skewed.

Alexander Payne started his film career with his short film that was for his last project for his degree from UCLA. He was 29 years old when he finished at film school. He attended Standford before he went to UCLA. When he released the short film he was immediately offered his first job to film a movie called Citizen Ruth. He was about 35 years old when he made his first feature length movie. Ever since then he has continued to create more and more films. If he isn’t directing movies, he is also kept busy by producing and writing.

Alexander Payne works hard to put light or dark humor into his movies. He likes to write scripts that stick generally to a dark humor, although a few of his projects with comedy contributions from his actors have created a much lighter toned humor to his films. He prefers having full control on his projects though, where he is director, producer, and writer. He’s also one of the few directors that has film rights to be the one to create the final cut of his films.

Alexander Payne