BeachBodyFor his entire life, Carl Daikeler has been a strong proponent of wellness and helping people feel more confident about themselves, their capabilities and how they look. Daikeler’s career began in the production of halftime shows for different teams in the National Football League (NFL). After leaving the NFL, he started producing infomercials.

It was during these years in the 1990s when he noticed that a growing number of Americans were either overweight or obese. At the same time, many of the infomercials he produced were for health and fitness items. Daikeler thought he could help people on their journey to fitness and confidence about their appearance. That’s how BeachBody was born.

From his own experience, Carl Daikeler knew that going to the gym was a hassle. He also didn’t like vegetables, so he understood how people might struggle with healthy eating and exercise. BeachBody started as a short series of workout DVDs that a person could do anytime from their homes. As people took notice, it rapidly expanded into a series with hundreds of workouts. Specialties in the series include P90X and Insanity.

Carl Daikeler

In 2015, Daikeler updated the program to reflect the changing times. He created a subscription service called BeachBody on Demand. Subscribers enjoyed having access to the large library of workout videos through their streaming service. He also co-founded OpenFit, an app for iPhones and Android devices. Through OpenFit, program participants could connect with others and work out virtually. The whole collection rapidly grew during the pandemic, and Carl Daikeler made sure that people could stay fit while quarantined.

Daikeler didn’t forget the importance of nutrition. He and his business partner co-founded Shakeology and added it to the workout program. Shakeology is a protein shake. There are options for traditional whey protein and for plant-based protein. Each shake has a minimum of 16 grams of protein plus lots of fiber. This combination creates a satisfied stomach. The powders come in sweet and rich flavors, including salted caramel, chocolate and tropical strawberry. Shakeology fills nutritional gaps and provides important minerals and vitamins for people who are losing weight.