Because of her long involvement with schools, Betsy DeVos has witnessed many changes. Recently, she has been working at the federal level in education, but she was a mother and a volunteer before that. During those years, Betsy sat as a chairperson and a board member for nonprofits. Many of the groups she associated herself with focused on school reform.


Betsy DeVos is a strong advocate for school choice. She has been involved with many projects that center around this topic, and DeVos is also active on the political front. She and her family are supporters of the Republican agenda. These two subjects have captured her attention and catapulted her to the White House.


Some of the changes to the system that DeVos notes are technology and homeschooling. The advancements in educational technology are moving kids into a bright future. It is a tool that helps keep children attentive in the classroom and beyond. Traditionally, kids would have to sit and patiently listen to the teacher talk, but now they get the luxury of technology woven into the lesson.


A parent who teaches their children at home is nothing new, but it has come to the forefront because of the conditions in some metropolitan areas and other uprisings. Some parents have chosen to keep their children at home and teach them themselves versus sending them to an educational system they did not feel was safe. Betsy DeVos can use this as a prime example of why school choice is so important. If school choice was available to these families, they might not opt for homeschooling. Instead, they may send their kids to private or charter institutions.


Betsy DeVos’ donations have come into the spotlight. Through her foundation’s website, she has highlighted who and what receives some of her family’s wealth. Not all of the organizations are focused on education or politics. Some of them are medical-related entities, and others foster the arts.


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