India, China, and Asia are some of the countries that have highly benefitted from the works of Bhanu Choudhrie. Bhanu has managed to increase his fame in the business industry because he has perfected himself in entrepreneurship and investment areas. He has a positive reputation for supporting business growth and success in London.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the co-founder of London-based firm C&C Alpha Group, where he is tasked with executive roles. As the main establishment of this firm, he oversees overseeing the firm’s operations and ensuring every operation within the firm is streamlined. He is an Indian by birth; however, he is currently based in Britain. Founding Alpha Group has helped spearhead the success of the healthcare, retail, media, aviation, and hospitality sectors in London.

JP Morgan hallmarked Bhanu’s venture in his career. This is the first company to employ him. It played a significant role in equipping him with skills that made him a great leader. It is also worth noting that as a privately owned company, C&C focused primarily on business strategies and finding solutions to some of the market problems. Through the company, several startups have managed to carry out market research and understand their businesses well. Remember, agriculture, utility, hospitality, and aviation are key areas that need to be handled with zeal and zest.

Bhanu Choudhrie was not satisfied with his education level; hence, he decided to enroll at Harvard University to better his business skills. The skills Bhanu Choudhrie earned while at Harvard Business School spearheaded his success. He got employed at Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp as a Managing Director.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Bhanu Choudhrie is also an administrator. He holds top leadership positions in a majority of London-based firms. For instance, he has helped Citizens and Atlantic Coast banks to achieve economic prosperity. He is also actively involved in philanthropic works through the Path To Success Foundation.

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