Krishen Iyer is a business tycoon with expertise in the insurance field. He studied at San Diego State University and earned a degree in Public Administration, it wasn’t long after his graduation that he started his career in the insurance field. Over his nearly 20-year span in the industry, he’s founded 3 successful companies. The first one, MNP insurance, also known as “Name My Premium” made it in the Inc. 5000 list in 2015! While he’s focused on insurance in the past, his resume is not limited to just that. He’s also recently founded a company called MAIS Consulting; the company primarily focuses on client relationships, marketing, business development, etc. Iyer has worked with everyone from small family businesses to nationwide corporations in his years of work, Krishen Iyer also has a keen focus on philanthropy and community outreach, working with foundations such as Make-A-Wish, Wounded Warrior, and various other charities. Along with his philanthropic work with foundations and charities, he also was involved in the relief efforts of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Of course, Iyer’s life is not completely revolved around his work and philanthropy. In his personal life, he’s a huge soccer fan and an avid golfer, reportedly golfing once a week. He also has a love for tennis and is a known fitness enthusiast. The least physical sport Iyer’s known for being a fan of is chess, while he’s not known as a serious player, he does enjoy a game recreationally. He’s a family man known for his work in the industries he’s built himself up in with almost 20 years under his belt and still going strong.