Caribou Caribou has more than two decades of experience in the delivery and distribution industry. It started after merging with several parcel, packet, and mail delivery companies and has become a renowned leader in the industry. It is a global company offering reliable and affordable courier services and parcel delivery. They concentrate on making the lives of the customers easier by giving them an incredible customer experience.

Caribou is taking the lead in adopting new approaches and delivery methods. It has designed and built unique and game-changing domestic and international parcel and mail delivery solutions working with a great network of premium companies. They are continuously evolving to ensure that they provide the best delivery experience for their customers. Among their core principles is to pioneer innovative technology to its advantage, which has helped it become a market leader. It has a network of locations around the world strategically placed to deliver on all the needs of its customers. The company’s commitment is to ensure efficient and real-time delivery. To help develop and make this idea a reality, they partnered with Cuhu as their technology partner to build an app for their drives. Cuhu worked hard to develop and deliver an app with various features.

The Caribou drivers use the driver’s App on their phones to scan barcodes on items delivered on a particular day. After scanning, it provides the best and quickest delivery route to optimize the driver’s time and reduce wasted mileage. Once the driver is on course for delivery, the customers and Caribou can track the delivery of their package in real-time. The Drivers App captures GPS tracking information making real-time viewing possible. It also uses the Drivers App to get the necessary electronic proof of parcel delivery. The deliveries are automatically GPS, date, and time-stamped through the Drivers App.


The parcel delivery company will bring many new features with progressive thinking, making it much more manageable. One of the fastest-growing companies in the UK, Caribou, is technology-driven, and they are fast, agile, and cost-effective. It’s an innovative, friendly, and efficient company that is always ready to provide outstanding services for its customers.