In the 1980’s Jason Hughes began his journey in commercial realty. Moving to San Diego, he represented corporate, non profit, municipal tenants. In their lease/purchase negotiations. Now known as Chairman, CEO, owner of Hughes Marino. Over twenty years, his wife Shay and Jason Hughes himself have focused on providing client services. Deeper than anyone ever experienced in the largest industry. Guaranteeing services and results to all their customers. 


 With roots originally from San Diego, Hughes Marino is the most exclusive, largest, representation tenant and buyer company. Jason Hughes over the years has a wide range of experiences in negotiating complex’s , high value leases. Expansions / contraction negotiations are some examples as well. Downtown San Diego and Sorrento Mesa are just some of the many negotiated areas over the past thirty years he has worked in. Jason is regarded as one of the foremost commercial realty experts throughout California. 


 Recognized as a huge key figure in the representation field (appearing on television programs as an industry expert). Jason Hughes pioneered a new bill(SB1171). Which was signed into law by Governor Brown. This law will increase transparency and fairness for tenants (Cali. Commercial tenants). Jason Hughes states that they must be warned in writing. If a broker is representing both tenants and landlords. Therefore this may create a potential conflict of interest.


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