Dave Atrobus.Antrobus is a consultant and international speaker, responsible for advising start-ups and organizations on the strategic planning and implementation of digital strategies. Covid-19 is the source of a global outbreak that has now taken the lives of nearly 500 people in the Middle East, Europe, and beyond.

Dave Antrobus believes that while most people will still be working in traditional, full-time roles, but increasingly there is a focus on how you work and who you work with, what you do, and how you use your time. This means that companies need to take on board a broader view of their workforces and employees. The word ‘workforce’ is no longer synonymous with ‘salary’.

A lot of times, technology is seen as a luxury for organizations that are not really into the bottom line. But Dave Antrobus explains that technology actually plays a very key role in any business sector and that the people who comprise an organization need to understand its importance.

Dave Antrobus says co-founded Fresh Thinking Group, a marketing consulting company in London. He says, “We help our clients to analyze, design and implement strategies for success. Since its inception in 2018, I am responsible for our marketing services as well as our client advisory business.”

Prior to setting up his consultancy, Dave Antrobus was a principal strategist at Accenture Strategy, a member of the UK senior management team for E&Y’s strategy consulting business, and worked for the Bank of England and Rothschild among others.: Fresh Thinking Group are pioneers in the world of corporate training.

Originally established as a training agency, Fresh Thinking Group transformed its offering various services when they began to focus on problem-solving and learning. Dave is an expert on business technology and a regular commentator on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Wales. He is also an advocate of liberal democracy, human rights, environmental sustainability and responsible business practice.

Dave Antrobus is a Technical Director at Fresh Thinking Group, an award-winning communications design agency based in San Francisco, and an AIGA San Francisco Fellow. He’s the co-founder and chief designer at FTG. Antrobus has a solid background in technical project management, brand strategy, interactive and interaction design, and more recently web and software development. Previously, he was a Web Applications Engineer and founded CustomInk, a mobile apps agency specializing in mobile web and application development. Dave was named one of the most influential Web designers in his city by the San Francisco Business Times, and named to Design Week’s Top 25 Emerging Communicators.