When Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky began his personalized disease research company in 2015, it seemed like just another startup tech medical company in a sea of others just like it. Instead, Tempus, a technologically powered research center, is an AI tech company taking precision medicine to the next level. Eric Lefkofsky explains that Tempus stood out when it started to focus not only on cancer but other research too. These include cardiology, mental disorders, diabetes, and Covid-19. As the CEO, Lefkofsky has driven Tempus towards Covid-19 research since the pandemic hit. 

Lefkofsky pointed out that Tempus’s mission is to keep valuable data on the most deadly diseases in an interview for further possible worldwide crisis. Eric Lefkofsky explains that currently Tempus holds one of the largest collections of information on clinical data within its libraries. The AI technology used at Tempus makes that library of molecular data easily accessible. As Tempus grows, it has partnered with other large tech companies, including Google, to expand its outreach. Soon, Tempus will store most of its clinical data on Google Cloud. 

After quickly making positive changes in the medical world, Tempus has empowered many physicians to decide on the treatment choices to offer their patients. Tempus, under Eric Lefkofsky´s leadership, has also enabled doctors to give data-driven care to their patients. In addition, Tempus has also provided a significant boost to discoveries on terminal illnesses, and there has been a lot of development in that segment since Tempus intervened. By keeping real-time data records of one in every three cancer patients in the United States, Tempus has realized its goal of making discoveries based on that data. In addition, these data records have been used to benefit one cancer patient after the other. 


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