Infectious diseases are always known to be easier to handle because the world has been accustomed to dealing with such healthcare problems for many years. This means that the available technology and medical products have consistently proved to be essential and important in handling most of the infectious diseases such as Covid-19  that have been affecting a huge number of people around the world. However, Eric Lefkofsky points out, over the years, it is essential to appreciate that there have been some major healthcare issues that have proved to be very complex to handle that are all classified as infectious diseases. 

This creates room for other organizations that have a perception that they can help in dealing with such problems by coming up with some of the reliable solutions that can help in developing the needed solutions. In this case, Tempus has been one of the few organizations that have been volunteering to help in addressing some of the extreme issues associated with infectious diseases (Youtube). 

It is the view of Eric Lefkofsky that most of the complex healthcare problems, especially those that are considered infectious healthcare problems, will soon be addressed and that people will come up with the necessary solution. However, he as a leader and Tempus have not been waiting for people to make sure they are looking for the most appropriate solution to help in this area. Instead, Tempus has been aggressively looking for some of the important ways through which it can easily be able to develop a solution that will eliminate this problem.