The on-going pandemic has had a huge blow in disrupting activities across the globe. Michael Capiraso is a successful entrepreneur and offers insight into the concept of virtual races. He notes that virtual races have been able to connect runners and ease the urge for one on one races on the ground. According to Michael, all you have to do to join a virtual race is to register online, and you are in. It involves running in your specific geographical location and completing a specified running distance depending on the race you apply for.

Michael Capiraso has an excellent professional career and has led many companies in successful ventures. At NYRR, where he is the CEO, he has made notable successes immersing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the organization. In addition, he spread the opportunities to participate in the NYRR to many people across the country. As a leader, he loves to give back and has raised thousands of dollars for the kid’s team at NYRR. His efforts have been vital in placing NYRR as an industry leader.

In addition, Michael Capiraso is a modern-day leader who utilizes technology in order to produce the best-desired results. He has a keen eye for talent and works with a team of qualified individuals who assist him in implementing top-notch strategies in the firm to ensure the company runs effectively. Michael has been instrumental in sourcing key partnerships for the organization, which includes esteemed organizations such as TCS and New Balance.

Michael has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, having worked with companies such as Cole Haan and WPP’s Prism. Michael has also worked at the NFL. In all the companies he has worked for, he has had great successes, which he attributes to his hard work and a proper work ethic.

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