Greg Blatt always knew he would go far but never imagined he would one day be running one of the most used apps in the entire world. All of his childhood was spent in the suburbs of Yonkers & this is when he began to find his affinity for the world of academics.

This is how he was able to finish high school with a perfect GPA & have his pick of any one of the universities in the world. Though he did consider the possibility of Cornell or else Dartmouth, ultimately, he felt Colgate was the right decision for his life. So, in the mid 80’s, he was one of their students but was not sure what he wanted his focus of study to be. That is until he took part in an English seminar & this is when Greg found his new passion.

After doing a double major, he was able to finish in the upper echelon of his class & from there, Greg Blatt knew some time off was needed. So, he went jet setting & soon found a home on the outskirts of Europe. It was fine for a while but soon he realized that it was not something that could last forever.

So, he came back & tried to jump start his career by obtaining a law degree from Columbia. It proved to be a rather daunting task but he knew he was up to the challenge. By the time the spring of 95 rolled around, he had racked up enough credits to get his degree. Visit to this page for more information.

So, he took his JD & went on to start his own app. This is known as Tinder & he is happy to say it has been a big success for more than a decade as he looks to the future.


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