Matthew FleegerGulf Coast Western is a drilling company that works hard to meet its demand to supply gas and oil in the United States. Thomas Fleeger founded it in 1970 in Dallas. Due to unavoidable circumstances, Thomas retired, and Matthew Fleeger became the new CEO in 2007. Mathew’s leadership expanded the company into several other locations: Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Also, he acquired a thousand acres of land and has partnered with a considerable number of companies.

Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western Company produced efficient gas and oil supply in the United States. Surprisingly, the company is always determined to give back to the community. They always support most charity organizations such as The Magdalene House, North Texas Food Bank, and the American Cancer Society.

Besides the company’s revenue downfall brought about by the covid 19 pandemic, Matthew Fleeger has continued to serve and support charity organizations. The company invests its efforts to help needy children on most occasions. Currently, it supports two hospitals dealing with pediatric diseases and cancer for children, namely, St Jude Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children. The company is also sponsoring Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Smile Train help, children with cleft palates. Regarding several business partnerships, Matthew feels that partnering with Sadie was the best. Sadie is 13years old. She has been providing toys to children who have cancer.

The Gulf Coast Western reviews are one of the most impressive things about the company, both to the employees and the students who do their internships in the company. One the intern wrote his feelings at the Gulf Coast Western reviews platform that he had the best experience while at the training. He had an opportunity to learn more than he expected in the company.

Matthew FleegerAlthough most of his co-workers were always busy when he needed their help, he learned to work hard to meet his desires. Most investors who also left their attitude toward the company at the Gulf Coast Western reviews mention the company’s management allows every person to invest and difficulties. For instance, William Wright wrote that “I’ve enjoyed investing in Gulf Western’s projects.” Thanks to the company for its spirit of serving the community without boundaries.