When people are making various decisions in their lives, they tend to have a perception that they have a second chance. What such people don’t know is that they do not have any other opportunity to handle those complex issues in their daily business organizations that they had not handled. These individuals do not know that they need to always ensure that everything they have been handling is an opportunity they have been able to get in their life.

Heath Ritenour values every moment, and the time he is currently enjoying in the world today because he does not take it for granted. He already knows that most of the leaders do not know the opportunities they have in their lives when undertaking most of the complex issues. In such a case, such leaders always make decisions with the perception that they will have another opportunity to right their wrongs.

However, these leaders do not know that they do not have control of their lives. They can easily die at any given minute. Heath Ritenour had a near-death experience when he was diagnosed with cancer. It is an experience that he has never gone through in his life again. He had to spend some time in hospital, where he was at the hands of the doctors while at the same time trying to see whether he would be able to recover.

Heath Ritenour has been looking for some of the ways through which he can do everything possible within the day. This is an essential approach that gives him the ability to handle everything that comes across in his life. He is not an organizational leader who wants to stick to unnecessary business operations while at the same time yearning to see whether he will get a chance to make some of the complex business decisions that others have been making.

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