Keeping The Lips Glossed



The Ultra Plush best lip gloss from this company is one that makes the lips feel soft and plump. It isn’t sticky on the lips and gently glides on, lasting for several hours before you reapply. The gloss has a sheer color that makes the lips sparkle.



If you’re looking for a fun gloss to wear, then Sephora has several colors to choose from with all having a soft tip for application. Going on smooth and leaving a silky feeling on the lips, this is one of the better glosses available. When it dries, it’s almost like it’s not even there unless you look in the mirror.  It even holds up to some of the best hot tub brands, even if you go under the water!



You can do your lips a favor by wearing this gloss. It’s a little thicker, which makes it stay on longer. There is honey nectar in the gloss, giving it a bit more of a shine than others while protecting the lips from the harsh rays of the sun.