Living The Sweetgreen Life With Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen, the most forward-thinking business model in fresh and healthy fast food. As a college student at Georgetown University he and classmates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet filled a void for healthy eating in the popular college town by opening their first restaurant in 2007 ( The restaurant surpassed their expectations by gaining customers during winter break when the campus turns into a ghost town. Now with forty locations across the United States Sweetgreen is changing the way that customers think about fast food by offering local, organic and beautifully imaginative real food. The restaurant is so popular there are often long lines of hungry patrons.


But it’s not just the concept of eating healthy that has grabbed the public’s attention. Nathaniel Ru and his partners have married the concept of food and technology in a way that surpasses other fast food chains. Customers love the idea of ordering via their laptop or mobile phone with thirty percent of orders being placed through the Sweetgreen website ( Frequent visitors can download the Sweetgreen app which tracks how much is spent. Once the customer has spent $100 part of the purchase price is donated to Sweetgreen in School which teaches children the benefits of a healthy diet.


Nathaniel Ru doesn’t follow the usual business models when it comes to management style. Sweetgreen doesn’t house a large corporate headquarters. Instead they have offices on each side of the United States. Employees who work in the corporate locations spend time working in the restaurants so that they are in tune with all aspects of the company. To accomplish this massive job shift the offices close five times during the year. Learn more:


Not only is Nathaniel Ru the energetic co-founder of Sweetgreen he is also a principal at SWTLF Ventures. He graduated from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown in 2007 with a degree in finance. Nathaniel Ru created Sweetgreen with his partners to create relationships with diners and farmers in an environment that is welcoming, creative and affordable. He believes in supporting the communities and fostering local partnerships. Nathaniel Ru’s desire to promote change is exemplified through the restaurant’s nutritional education program and the Sweetlife music festival connecting music, food and people. Learn more:



OSI Industries Moves Forward

OSI Industries has been a major player in the food manufacturing business for many decades. The company began as a privately owned meat market. It’s roots are in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who laid down the foundation for what OSI would become. The meat market developed into a local supplier for other food industries in the area such as supermarkets and restaurants. By the 1950s, OSI Industries was being ran by Otto Kolschowky’s children. At the time the business was known as Otto and Sons. They began a relationship with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the CEO of McDonald’s. McDonald’s was paving the way for the fast food industry. They were looking to expand into Illinois and needed a meat supplier to support their efforts. Otto and Sons took on the task and separated themselves from other contractors that McDonald’s was using at the time.

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Ray Kroc and his massive McDonald’s organization was working with hundreds of contractors to supply them with meat as they expanded across the country. Otto and Sons made a unique impact by introducing several different technological innovations. They embraced cryogenic freezing. This gave them the ability to store large amounts of fresh product. It supplied the needs of McDonald’s on a different scale. Otto and Sons also developed the patty cutting machine. The patty cutting machine catered to the specific needs of a food restaurant that was growing on a massive level.

Eventually Otto and Sons became McDonald’s exclusive supplier of meat. This business relationship established the company as an international influence in food manufacturing.

The company later became known as OSI Industries. It has a diverse client base and supplies a number of major restaurant chains with product that include hot dogs, deli meats and beef.

OSI Industries is one of the highest earning privately-owned companies in the United States. It employs personnel from several different countries. OSI uses its diverse recruiting tactics to maintain a current perspective on consumer needs. Hiring efforts are concentrated in many areas including the Asia-Pacific, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

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