Quality Standards of Construction by American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, AIA is located on T1735 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20006. The company has a library where they have displayed a variety of bestselling books about design and others on architecture. They also have stores where they sell decors and many other architectural designs.

The company operates under regulations that architectures have to meet for them to acquire memberships at the firm. These standards include a code of ethics and bylaws that govern AIA. Members also are required to meet antitrust compliance for them to be accepted in the American Institute of Architects.

The architecture and design firm is governed by Robert Ivy who is the Chief Executive Officer. Robert Ivy is positive that architecture and design are yet to take a different course to provide bigger and better projects. These advancements will position architecture in higher ranks in the world’s economic markets. Landscape designers are also focused on contributing to more profitable economic developments.

Additionally, Robert Ivy is committed to embracing more sustainable ways of offering quality designs to the world’s population. Considering the constant increase in population curves, the architecture industries may not be able to deal with housing pressures from the increase in the number of residents.

Climate change is also another factor that Robert Ivy and the other members of American Institute of Architects are considering. Natural calamities such as snowstorms and earthquakes have destroyed many homes in the past leading to many deaths. Thereupon, the company is advocating for the development of cities to reduce the population pressures in many communities.

Most of all, the American Institute of Architects is working towards delivering healthcare and wellness with their projects. The construction of buildings with firm foundations is an art that every architect should master. These advancements have fuelled research and studies pertaining to the health realm at the U.S. General Services Administration, GSA. The results of these studies will improve the quality of projects offered by various building and construction companies.

Altogether, the American Institute of Architects is focusing on rooting quality standards for the built environments. Starting with maximizing healthcare and coming up with constructions that can withstand the forces of nature is the first principle to consider. Besides, the companies should still maintain the beauty of art in all the projects that they offer.

With all these, the world will be a better and a beautiful place to live. Good health and proper housing is everything that an economy needs for it to develop.