Luiz Carlos Trabuco

There are many banks that are doing well financially in Brazil. Bradesco is finally starting to improve financially. At one time, it looked like Bradesco was going to go bankrupt. Not only was the company struggling financially, but most of the customers had already started using other banks in the area. Many years ago, Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as CEO of the company. He quickly started improving the company in a variety of ways.

After years of hard work, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to improve Bradesco into what it is today. One of the best things that Luiz Carlos Trabuco did was to start numerous lending programs for people who do not have a high income. In Brazil, it is difficult for the average person to borrow money for various things. Whether it is starting a company or buying a new home, the vast majority of people do not have access to capital that people really need.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco recently announced that he was going to resign as CEO according to Although he has had a great time with the company, he believes that now is the time to focus on other areas of his life.

New Lending Programs

Online lending is a major trend in the industry today on The vast majority of banking customers are comfortable applying for a loan online. In Brazil, many people who own farms want to use the capital to invest in new equipment and land. These funds will be used to improve the overall profitability of their farm.

For many years, these farmers could not get approved for loans. This is why so many of them struggled with poverty for decades. Luiz Carlos Trabuco came from a poor family of farmers. This is one of the biggest reasons why he has always wanted to help people in this industry. He strongly believes that farmers can help to improve the overall economy if the industry is doing well.

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Helping Others

Another major change that Luiz Carlos Trabuco made at Bradesco was investing in the local community. The previous leadership at the company did not spend any time or money helping others. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is passionate about providing educational opportunities for children. This is especially true for children who grew up in poor families. Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows just how difficult it is to get a quality education if you grow up poor.

Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to attend college in University of Sao Paolo, he had to work multiple jobs in order to do so. During this time, he started working at a bank in Marilia. He was able to learn a variety of different aspects of the banking industry. This was a great experience that helped him accelerate his career.

Next Steps for Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco is no longer going to be CEO of Bradesco, he still has many big plans for his life. He is now using his time and money to help improve his local community. He is actually building a new school in the town where he grew up. He wants people to have access to education no matter where they live. He is also passionate about helping the overall economy in Brazil.

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Bradesco CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi May Be Moving Toward Retirement

When Brazilian bank, Bradesco, bought HSBC’s Brazilian division in 2015, no one knew exactly what Bradesco was getting. The word at the time was HSBC had five million account holders, and there were 851 branches and more than 1,800 self-service stations. The 4,728 HSBC ATMs also put the bank “over-the-top,” in terms of saturating some Brazilian markets. There were plenty of bugs to work out over the last two years, but thanks to Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and his executive team as well as employees, the transition was better than expected. HSBC did keep a small presence in Brazil in order to serve their business customers.

But that is what Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi does. He makes transitions and banking strategies fall in place. He has 40 years of banking industry experience, so there’s not much Trabuco doesn’t know about bank management. The word in the banking industry is Bradesco is closing the gap between their bank and Itaú-Unibanco. Mr. Trabuco is playing a major role in the goal to increase sales, cut losses, and make more money. In the first half, financial figures hit an all-time high for that time of year and the second half of the year may end up stronger than the first half. Wall Street is pushing investors to buy Bradesco stock.


Many stockbrokers believe Bradesco is a good stock to buy now and in 2018. The recession seems to be out of gas, and the government is trying to get its economic ducks in a row, so Brazilian banks stand to make even more money in 2018, according to Brazilian economists. Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the man who is orchestrating Bradesco’s incredible revenue growth, according to other bankers. But Trabuco likes to give the credit to his team at Bradesco. Luiz has always put the team first. As the Bradesco team gets bigger, Trabuco finds ways to address banking issues without creating drama.

Mr. Trabuco is 66-years-old now, and he is looking for a replacement. But replacing Trabuco is not easy. His banking track record speaks for itself, and his social and environmental programs help thousands of Brazilians every year. It’s hard to say when Trabuco will retire. He’s in the right place at the right time, according to Wall Street. Investors like consistency and no surprises and Trabuco understands that. Trabuco will always be part of the Bradesco banking family in some way. His legacy is still being written.

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