Talk Fusion’s Successful Inventions

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina who is the current Chief Executive Officer, former County Sheriff of Hillsborough, in 2007. Its headquarters is at Brandon, Florida. The company provides video marketing solutions to businesses and individuals to help them increase sales and profits. Its products are video emailing, video newsletters, live meetings, video chats and internet services. Learn more:



Talk Fusion works with independent associates in more than one hundred and forty countries and has a thousand direct selling companies in their database from all over the world. The associates are paid commissions and bonuses immediately after sales and other incentives which is the world’s first and only instant pay compensation plan. Talk fusion helps companies reduce advertising costs, improve customers relations, customer retention, qualify lead sales and stay in touch with family and friends. The company is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Learn more:



On 15TH August 2016 Rich Tehrani the Chief Executive Officer of Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) awarded Talk Fusion a second time, this time with the Communication Solutions Products of the year Award for their video chat product. The award honors new or improved exceptional products and services brought to the market that facilitate video, voice and data communications in the past twelve months.



The second award demonstrated that there was continuous momentum behind cross communication platforms. Talk Fusion’s talented IT team is dedicated to being in the forefront with the all in one video marketing solution. It is leading in the industry with its video marketing solution.



Ryan Page, the chief technical officer viewed the award as evidence of how important their processes are important in creating spectacular applications and the team’s efficiency. The Talk Fusion Video chat is available in Google Play stores and iTunes, it uses the WebRTC technology power that allows users to communicate face to face with smartphones, tablets and computers anywhere. Talk Fusion has introduced thirty day free trials for those who would like to try before buying its WebRTC Recorder and launched in a year. Talk Fusion has benefited charitable organization.