Fabletics Leaves Its Imprint Behind

There are very few brands that can leave an imprint in the mind of people. Fabletics is one such brand. There are many reasons behind this. One of these is the vision that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had when they co-founded and launched this brand.


Both of these are avid businessmen. They do not have much experience in fashion but are well aware of what the consumers are looking for. Also, they have experience in the e-commerce field. Hence all the brands under TechStyle are highly successful.


Through Fabletics, they have tried to mix fashion with technology. This is why the business model of Fabletics is unique and highly successful. In fact, all the brands under TechStyle are based on the same business model, and the results are there for all to see.


In this, a customer becomes a member of the brand even before making a single purchase. This is something very unlike any other business strategy. Typically customers make purchases and then they are asked to become loyal members of the brand.


In case of Fabletics, there is an online site as well as physical stores that are spread all across the US. In fact, they are planning to open many more such stores. This is because the founders of Fabletics are well aware that there are still many people who would like to touch and feel clothes before actually buying them. Besides, having a physical store nearby adds to the local connect. People like to consider it as their own local store catering to the needs and wants of the local customers. Due to these reasons, many more physical stores of Fabletics are going to be opened across the US.


Once a customer walks into the store or visits the site, she is asked to fill in a simple questionnaire. This would have details about their workouts. It would ask what kind of workouts they like and how many times they do it in a well. Next, it asks about the place where they go for workouts. Then the questionnaire asks about their preferences in terms of clothes. This can be with regard to texture, color, and style of their workout clothes. This will end by asking the vital statistics of the person.


In this way, Fabletics is able to collect huge data about their customers. But just having data is not enough. Something needs to be done on it in order to make all this effort worthwhile.


Fabletics will use this information to choose a garment for the customer. This will be sent to that person as a free gift. Since all the Fabletics clothes are of high quality, hence they are liked by the customers. Now they would be asked to become the VIP members of the brand. This would allow them special discounts on their chosen apparel. Besides, they would be the first to know about any upcoming designs and trends. This would require paying up a nominal amount each month as the membership fee.

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Fabletics Translates Success to New Sales Outlet

Fabletics is a wildly successful company that has been able to keep growing through the different opportunities that they have had. The way that the company has performed is different from many other companies and the people who are a part of it have seen the growth happen very quickly. Kate Hudson, one of the most recognized faces of the company, has been helping to design the styles since the company first started and she wanted to make sure that she would be able to continue doing it no matter what was happening with the company.


The thing that makes Fabletics so unique is the fact that people get a personalized shopping area. After they go to the site and take the style quiz, they are given a list of things that they can buy that will fit in with their style quiz. This is the reverse showroom and helps women to have a clearer idea of what they would like. Most of the time, people who shop with Fabletics are able to find something that was chosen by a personal stylist who made the choices based on the style quiz. It was something that made a difference in the way that things were done with the company.


Since Fabletics has gained so much popularity, they have decided to start selling on other avenues. Amazon is the first site where they are going. When they make their debut on Amazon, they won’t have to worry about competing with other people and they won’t have to try new things to make the right choices. It is something that the company is going to set up and something that they hope is going to help them reach more customers. When Fabletics is on Amazon, they will also be able to allow shorter shipping times to their clients.


Along with this new online buying option, Fabletics also has retail stores. While they plan to keep most of their sales on the Internet, the company hopes that having a retail store will help them to reach even more customers. The idea behind a retail company will also make it easier for the people to be able to get what they need out of the shopping experience. Those who are visiting malls can simply stop in the Fabletics store and get all of the clothes that they want. They can also try them on at these stores.

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