Nutrisystem: Meal Planning and Preparation for Men


Is Nutrisystem a good way to plan meals?

Losing weight requires a serious amount of time and dedication. There are so many things that need to be done. It can be hard to take time away from other activities in order to go to the gym. Taking the right nutrients and being mindful of meals takes even more planning. Now there is another way to get ahead. Nutrisystem takes the guess work out of calorie counting and portion control. Their tested and verified system helps save time and money, making it more affordable and straightforward when it comes to meeting your weight loss and diet needs.

Nutrisystem is a great way to complement your workouts and help maintain weight loss.


Planned Delivery Meals

Planning meal delivery is something that Nutrisystem can help men with on a regular basis. Not only are the meals handcrafted, but they are also consistent with what men actually need in order to get the right nourishment. The perfect balance of savory flavors and nutrient rich ingredients helps create effective planned meals for men. The entire week can be arranged ahead of time, and offers meals that are consistent with individual meal plans and weight loss goals. Fast and convenient packaging makes food prep time very short. This helps men eat meals on time.

Men can lose Weight Faster and With more Noticeable Options


Some of the best prepared meals help men get the results they need when it comes to weight loss. Nutrisystem meals are designed with the purpose of trimming fat. Lean meats and nutritious vegetables are some of the best ways that packaged meals are able to make the cut. Men who stay on the weight loss meal plans developed by Nutrisystem can lose up to thirteen pounds in the first month alone. Getting fit has never tasted better.


What are some options?

Depending on the meal, Nutrisystem has a lot of different options. Breakfast choices like pancakes, waffles, and granola are available. For lunch, sandwiches, tuna melts, and meatballs are some of the lean options. The menu won’t make you feel bored, and best of all, it changes all the time.

OSI Industries Moves Forward

OSI Industries has been a major player in the food manufacturing business for many decades. The company began as a privately owned meat market. It’s roots are in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who laid down the foundation for what OSI would become. The meat market developed into a local supplier for other food industries in the area such as supermarkets and restaurants. By the 1950s, OSI Industries was being ran by Otto Kolschowky’s children. At the time the business was known as Otto and Sons. They began a relationship with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the CEO of McDonald’s. McDonald’s was paving the way for the fast food industry. They were looking to expand into Illinois and needed a meat supplier to support their efforts. Otto and Sons took on the task and separated themselves from other contractors that McDonald’s was using at the time.

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Ray Kroc and his massive McDonald’s organization was working with hundreds of contractors to supply them with meat as they expanded across the country. Otto and Sons made a unique impact by introducing several different technological innovations. They embraced cryogenic freezing. This gave them the ability to store large amounts of fresh product. It supplied the needs of McDonald’s on a different scale. Otto and Sons also developed the patty cutting machine. The patty cutting machine catered to the specific needs of a food restaurant that was growing on a massive level.

Eventually Otto and Sons became McDonald’s exclusive supplier of meat. This business relationship established the company as an international influence in food manufacturing.

The company later became known as OSI Industries. It has a diverse client base and supplies a number of major restaurant chains with product that include hot dogs, deli meats and beef.

OSI Industries is one of the highest earning privately-owned companies in the United States. It employs personnel from several different countries. OSI uses its diverse recruiting tactics to maintain a current perspective on consumer needs. Hiring efforts are concentrated in many areas including the Asia-Pacific, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

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