Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Empire

The owner and CEO of one of the fast growing makeup industries, Doe Deere was born in Russia but was brought up in New York. Her passion for bright makeup led her to start a Do it yourself fashion line on eBay where she created an account by the name Lime crime, and she was the sole model. She thought of a unique way to brand her account, and so she came up with colorful makeup was positively embraced by her fans. And from then on, Lime Crime has been a hugely successful makeup company. A typical day with Doe Deere can be described as a beauty routine as explained by Savoir Flair, on her website She is always up by 8.30 every morning, after nine uninterrupted hours of sleep. She says that’s her secret to a clear skin. First, before anything, she takes a glass of water, staying hydrated is key to beauty. She then does some stretches and proceeds for breakfast in her kitchen as she stares outside her window contemplating about the day ahead.While doing her makeup, Doe Deere loves to listen to her favorite music which at the moment is The Beatles. She is obsessed with The Beatles. First, she uses the Glossier face wash; it’s mild and smells like roses that she loves! Her makeup routine then begins with moisturizer, Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’. Then she applies her foundation, which is either L’Oreal that mattifies her face or MAC. Speaking of foundation, she discloses that it is something that she has been working on at Lime Crime and she hopes to bring it to the market as soon as it is completed. She enjoys putting on makeup because while doing it she gets her ‘me’ time. Her makeup sessions usually take from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on whether she is in a rush. She finishes her makeup session with blush and lipstick which brings her face to life, colorful. After that, she heads to the office for daily routine as the CEO of Lime Crime.Lime Crime was started in 2008. And today, the name symbolizes color revolution, breaking all the rules, and never being afraid to explore colors. It encourages people to use color to have lots and lots of fun. Doe Deere refers to her fans as unicorns because she believes unicorns are brave individuals who defy all expectations with color.Her company’s Success is built on its vision resonating with her audience for them to be proud to wear lime crime products. Her success is making other people happy. She spent lots of time in the lab and the chemists to be able to come up with the liquid to matte lipstick, and she prides herself as having passed the stringiest certifier’s requirements and being certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny.Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is here to change the makeup world from how to shop for it to how it makes you feel.

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