Skills Of A True Recruiter, With Julie Zuckerberg

The recruitment career requires more self-developed skills from the executive than a few tips and tricks. The true recruitment master has a lot of experience, but they also have to delve the occupation with a few abilities that allow them to make the best decisions when analyzing candidates for a job offer.


Today, we’re going to analyze a few of the necessary traits that a good recruiter needs to have, and talk about an exceptional recruiter that is now working for Deutsche Bank: Julie Zuckerberg.


Julie Zuckerberg has first self-taught many of the skills she thought she needed to have to be a successful recruiter, which she did become. Among the tasks that she had to overcome is the ability to communicate properly, as if you’re selling something.


A recruiter needs to have successful communication skills to explain the job offering in the best way possible while also being honest. Candidates like to see honesty when describing the position, and often there is the strategy to present the bad characteristics of the offer before submitting the good ones, as you purposely end your explanation in a proper manner.


Technological knowledge is also great to have, independent of the career, but it is especially important for a recruiter to know the software that you insert data. Julie Zuckerberg worked for many agencies before Deutsche Bank, first beginning her career in Hudson as the Director of the recruitment team and Candidate Replacement. Then, she moved into Citi, a multinational global bank network that has many sectors requiring recruitment service for all of them. All of these companies has their data software, so Julie Zuckerberg knew that she would need to understand IT and get used to technology if she wanted to triumph.


Julie Zuckerberg also excels in seeing the intentions and true nature behind each and every candidate that she interviews. It’s an important skill to know how to spot a liar or someone that is overly nervous when interviewing them. There is a lot of subjectivity involved in understanding the psychological actions of the interviewed individuals, so this is something that is acquired with experience and by having a good teacher. Julie Zuckerberg has more than fifteen years studying the business and working for companies and their partners, having also served as a recruitment tutor for young recruiters and her teams.


We talked a lot about the Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg, but who is she?


Julie graduated from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy.


Currently living in New York City, she has been the leader of many Recruitment Agencies, Vice President of Citi and their office partitions, while also having served as the Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company.


Right now, Julie Zuckerberg has ascended to her role as Executive Recruitment Lead for Deutsche Bank, a global bank that has tons of opportunities for the recruiter to grow and put in practice its learned skills.


She has already conducted many recruitment events, negotiated terms, created recruitment strategies, conducted operations of analyzing current employees, improved the recruitment infrastructure of the offices she worked in, and much more.