Living The Sweetgreen Life With Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder of Sweetgreen, the most forward-thinking business model in fresh and healthy fast food. As a college student at Georgetown University he and classmates Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet filled a void for healthy eating in the popular college town by opening their first restaurant in 2007 ( The restaurant surpassed their expectations by gaining customers during winter break when the campus turns into a ghost town. Now with forty locations across the United States Sweetgreen is changing the way that customers think about fast food by offering local, organic and beautifully imaginative real food. The restaurant is so popular there are often long lines of hungry patrons.


But it’s not just the concept of eating healthy that has grabbed the public’s attention. Nathaniel Ru and his partners have married the concept of food and technology in a way that surpasses other fast food chains. Customers love the idea of ordering via their laptop or mobile phone with thirty percent of orders being placed through the Sweetgreen website ( Frequent visitors can download the Sweetgreen app which tracks how much is spent. Once the customer has spent $100 part of the purchase price is donated to Sweetgreen in School which teaches children the benefits of a healthy diet.


Nathaniel Ru doesn’t follow the usual business models when it comes to management style. Sweetgreen doesn’t house a large corporate headquarters. Instead they have offices on each side of the United States. Employees who work in the corporate locations spend time working in the restaurants so that they are in tune with all aspects of the company. To accomplish this massive job shift the offices close five times during the year. Learn more:


Not only is Nathaniel Ru the energetic co-founder of Sweetgreen he is also a principal at SWTLF Ventures. He graduated from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown in 2007 with a degree in finance. Nathaniel Ru created Sweetgreen with his partners to create relationships with diners and farmers in an environment that is welcoming, creative and affordable. He believes in supporting the communities and fostering local partnerships. Nathaniel Ru’s desire to promote change is exemplified through the restaurant’s nutritional education program and the Sweetlife music festival connecting music, food and people. Learn more:



OSI Industries Moves Forward

OSI Industries has been a major player in the food manufacturing business for many decades. The company began as a privately owned meat market. It’s roots are in the Chicago, Illinois area. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who laid down the foundation for what OSI would become. The meat market developed into a local supplier for other food industries in the area such as supermarkets and restaurants. By the 1950s, OSI Industries was being ran by Otto Kolschowky’s children. At the time the business was known as Otto and Sons. They began a relationship with Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the CEO of McDonald’s. McDonald’s was paving the way for the fast food industry. They were looking to expand into Illinois and needed a meat supplier to support their efforts. Otto and Sons took on the task and separated themselves from other contractors that McDonald’s was using at the time.

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Ray Kroc and his massive McDonald’s organization was working with hundreds of contractors to supply them with meat as they expanded across the country. Otto and Sons made a unique impact by introducing several different technological innovations. They embraced cryogenic freezing. This gave them the ability to store large amounts of fresh product. It supplied the needs of McDonald’s on a different scale. Otto and Sons also developed the patty cutting machine. The patty cutting machine catered to the specific needs of a food restaurant that was growing on a massive level.

Eventually Otto and Sons became McDonald’s exclusive supplier of meat. This business relationship established the company as an international influence in food manufacturing.

The company later became known as OSI Industries. It has a diverse client base and supplies a number of major restaurant chains with product that include hot dogs, deli meats and beef.

OSI Industries is one of the highest earning privately-owned companies in the United States. It employs personnel from several different countries. OSI uses its diverse recruiting tactics to maintain a current perspective on consumer needs. Hiring efforts are concentrated in many areas including the Asia-Pacific, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Americas.

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Richard Mishaan Design’s Skills Wow The Industry

In an article shared about Richard Mishaan Design on Architectural Digest, you will find that Richard is a well-rounded, talented, and definitely a unique designer who brings his skills to the table for homes all across the globe. Richard has had more than 20+ years in the industry designing, and he doesn’t have any plans to stop any time soon. The article focuses primarily on his own home and how he designed it to fit his own lifestyle. He is a favorite among many people because of his ability to create harmonious mixes of patterns and contemporary designs to help provide a unique look for that area. What’s interesting is that he just knows what works and what doesn’t. It’s a gift of his that he is proud of, and he works hard every day to create beautiful outlines for everybody he works with.

His work is beautifully displayed in his book, Artfully Modern, and it showcases a lot about his work and what he does. There are many homes and designs showcased in the book to really give what he does justice. It even shows a bit of his own apartment in Manhattan which was his list residence that his own children grew up in. The apartment was beautiful that had fine furniture and showcased a quality almost similar to a museum. The one thing he knows is that it’s all about having a good foundation with quality architecture.

Having gotten his BA from the New York University, he definitely knows what works and what doesn’t. He provides interior design, architecture design, and landscape design, all of which come together to allow for a home or commercial establishment to be designed with quality from the ground up. He is ultimately one of the best people for the job, and he totally knows what is up with this industry. Richard is definitely one of the best in the industry, and his books showcase all of his amazing work. If you are looking for a way to achieve more success and get quality design from an expert designer, this is the way to do it.

Ariel Winter Melts in Bikini Pics


Instagram followers of Modern Family star, Ariel Winter know that the 19-year-old has no problem showing off a bit of skin here and there. With summer quickly approaching, we all can expect there will be a slew of steamy Sofia Vergara bikini pics soon to come to rival the sexy starlet.


Here’s a taste of what you can expect to see from the sexy teen:


#fbf #mexico #travel

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Booty, Booty, Booty

Ariel seems fully aware she has a nice derrière, and shows it off frequently in a series of backside compositions. Take for instance her fun trip to Bora Bora. Blue seas, blue skies, and plenty of curves courtesy of Ariel and whoever she tasks with booty-pic-duties. (Seriously, how do you get that awesome job?)


Happy Valentine's Day ❤ #valentines

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Here she is in the arms of her boo, and of course, it’s another great shot of Ariel from behind, sporting a dazzling blue bikini bottom.


The booty's back in Cali☀️

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Ariel also has no problem rocking a one-piece as seen here as she shows off her profile in a cool white suit holding a blue-jean jacket that reads, “Best Bitches”


For more pics, be sure to follow @arielwinter and prepare yourself to see what she has in store for us this summer!

Skills Of A True Recruiter, With Julie Zuckerberg

The recruitment career requires more self-developed skills from the executive than a few tips and tricks. The true recruitment master has a lot of experience, but they also have to delve the occupation with a few abilities that allow them to make the best decisions when analyzing candidates for a job offer.


Today, we’re going to analyze a few of the necessary traits that a good recruiter needs to have, and talk about an exceptional recruiter that is now working for Deutsche Bank: Julie Zuckerberg.


Julie Zuckerberg has first self-taught many of the skills she thought she needed to have to be a successful recruiter, which she did become. Among the tasks that she had to overcome is the ability to communicate properly, as if you’re selling something.


A recruiter needs to have successful communication skills to explain the job offering in the best way possible while also being honest. Candidates like to see honesty when describing the position, and often there is the strategy to present the bad characteristics of the offer before submitting the good ones, as you purposely end your explanation in a proper manner.


Technological knowledge is also great to have, independent of the career, but it is especially important for a recruiter to know the software that you insert data. Julie Zuckerberg worked for many agencies before Deutsche Bank, first beginning her career in Hudson as the Director of the recruitment team and Candidate Replacement. Then, she moved into Citi, a multinational global bank network that has many sectors requiring recruitment service for all of them. All of these companies has their data software, so Julie Zuckerberg knew that she would need to understand IT and get used to technology if she wanted to triumph.


Julie Zuckerberg also excels in seeing the intentions and true nature behind each and every candidate that she interviews. It’s an important skill to know how to spot a liar or someone that is overly nervous when interviewing them. There is a lot of subjectivity involved in understanding the psychological actions of the interviewed individuals, so this is something that is acquired with experience and by having a good teacher. Julie Zuckerberg has more than fifteen years studying the business and working for companies and their partners, having also served as a recruitment tutor for young recruiters and her teams.


We talked a lot about the Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg, but who is she?


Julie graduated from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy.


Currently living in New York City, she has been the leader of many Recruitment Agencies, Vice President of Citi and their office partitions, while also having served as the Corporate Vice President of New York Life Insurance Company.


Right now, Julie Zuckerberg has ascended to her role as Executive Recruitment Lead for Deutsche Bank, a global bank that has tons of opportunities for the recruiter to grow and put in practice its learned skills.


She has already conducted many recruitment events, negotiated terms, created recruitment strategies, conducted operations of analyzing current employees, improved the recruitment infrastructure of the offices she worked in, and much more.

Hussain Sajwani: The Respected Real Estate Mogul from UAE

Hussain Sajwani is an entrepreneur from the Middle East and the founder and chairperson of DAMAC Properties, a real estate firm. Sajwani holds a business degree from the revered University of Washington.

He initiated his career while in the United States at GASCO as a contract’s manager. GASCO is a division of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, a business that invests heavily in the oil industry.

Sajwani’s catering business

Having worked for various companies in the United States, Sajwani returned to his home country in 1982 and established his first business, a catering venture. This business has since grown into a multi-million company handling more than 200 projects while still serving more than 150,000 meals daily on various occasions.

This catering company has clients in Africa, the CIS, and the Middle East. Under Sajwani’s management, this enterprise has earned contracts to service educational institution, army camps, construction campsites, and five-star hotels.

Sajwani and DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani has played a huge role in the expansion of the property market in the Middle East. Upon identifying a market in 2002, Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties, which has since grown into the leading property development in Dubai.

His company has completed various projects in different cities, including Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Doha, London, and Amman. Sajwani is experienced and skilled in finance, sales, marketing, and administration. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

DAMAC Properties has a pool of 2,000 employees and is a public company listed on the Dubai Financial Market. Under Hussain Sajwani’s management, the company has created an extensive development portfolio of 44,000 units in various construction stages.

DAMAC Properties is responsible for the construction of more than 17,900 homes. Hussain Sajwani family has strong business ties with that of President Donald Trump. Before Trump became the president, he worked closely with Sajwani on various real estate projects through The Trump Organization.

One of the major projects they worked together on was the Tiger Woods Golf Course. Additionally, they have worked in collaboration with Italian designers, such as Fendi Casa, Versace Home, and Bugatti on a variety of luxury apartments.

DAMAC Properties contributions to the AED One Million project

DAMAC Properties supports the AED One Million, an organization that makes clean water accessible to people. This project was initiated by the vice president of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Damac owner came on board with the aim of saving the lives of more than 40,000 people by building wells for them and installing pumps with water purification equipment. DAMAC Properties was recognized as one of the major contributors to this cause.

A Review Of Kevin Seawright’s Illustrative Career

In 2015, Kevin Seawright was recruited to serve as the vice president and chief financial officer for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). This corporation has been catalyzing for the economic development of the city. Its major role has been to attract, grow and retain businesses in Newark besides enhancing real estate development across the city. Kevin has a rich background in accounting, diverse capital management and operations management.

For over a decade, Seawright has been bettering the lives of the East Coast communities through his extensive financial expertise. He has vast knowledge on financial management of local government agencies. While serving as the fiscal officer for Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, the accountant played a pivotal role in designing and implementing an innovative accounting system.

Through it, he was able to save the agency over $100,000 in funds. Following his success with the system, he was appointed to serve as the payroll director for Baltimore’s Housing Authority. Later, he worked as the finance director for the Department of Housing and Community Development’s Housing Services division. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

At one time, Kevin Seawright was Department of Recreation and Parks’ facilities manager and chief financial officer. Owing to his many years of service to the people of Baltimore, Kevin was appointed to serve as the deputy chief operating officer in the education sector where he worked for six sold years.

At Tito Contractors based in Washington DC, the executive worked as the finance and human capital’s strategic partner/director. It is here that Kevin learnt more about small business development and the real estate industry.

Founded in 2007, Newark CEDC has been providing people with real estate development loan funds, façade improvement grants, discount advertising, tax credits and exemptions, and business counseling services for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Read more: Kevin Seawright & RPS Solutions LLC Fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with First Time Homebuyers

Over the years, the corporation has been partnering with the Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development to initiate economic development activities. This way, they have managed to spur economic growth, which has generated jobs besides creating wealth for the populace of Newark.

Before moving to Newark, Kevin Seawright had worked in the local government, real estate and education sectors in Baltimore and Washington DC where he played an active role in enhancing community initiatives.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has been one of the members of the National Association for Black Accountants, American Society for Public Administration and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Kevin can be reached through his Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Become A Wine Guide With The Traveling Vineyard

Are you looking for a job that that you can work from home and enjoy? Then, you will want to consider becoming a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard has just the right business model for you to start off on the right foot, create a great customer base and make money.

You make your own hours when you are a Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard, and that gives you the ability to work around your personal responsibilities. It is a job that you will make a lot of friends in because you can have customers host a party at their homes. They can invite over all of their friends in order to taste the different wines. This is a great way to increase your profits, and meet new people that love to have fun.

Using the website with The Traveling Vineyard is easy, and this is where you will want to go in order to find all the information that you will need to start your business in the right manner. Then, you will be able to use the other information on the site to make your business successful in many ways.

You will find that the social media presence with The Traveling Vineyard is excellent. They promote on a lot of sites that people visit often. Since there is a lot of interest in the different wines that are offered by the company, the customers are attracted to your business immediately. The opportunity for profits is unlimited, and you can make as much as you desire when you work with The Traveling Vineyard.

Keeping The Lips Glossed



The Ultra Plush best lip gloss from this company is one that makes the lips feel soft and plump. It isn’t sticky on the lips and gently glides on, lasting for several hours before you reapply. The gloss has a sheer color that makes the lips sparkle.



If you’re looking for a fun gloss to wear, then Sephora has several colors to choose from with all having a soft tip for application. Going on smooth and leaving a silky feeling on the lips, this is one of the better glosses available. When it dries, it’s almost like it’s not even there unless you look in the mirror.  It even holds up to some of the best hot tub brands, even if you go under the water!



You can do your lips a favor by wearing this gloss. It’s a little thicker, which makes it stay on longer. There is honey nectar in the gloss, giving it a bit more of a shine than others while protecting the lips from the harsh rays of the sun.