Dr. Natale AndreaThe researchers, medical community members, and academics primarily focused on the medical journals to pivot their understanding of the cardiology topics. Andrea Natale serves as the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia University Executive Medical Director at the St. David Medical Center in Austin. He is mainly known as the specialist and educator in cardiac electrophysiology matters. His remarkable study has enabled him to treat a wide range of electrical heart abnormalities; therefore, saving many people’s lives. Additionally, it has made him achieve many academic awards and publish different kinds of medical journals. Additionally, Andrea Natale started his medical profession around 1985 after successfully graduating with honors at the Florence Medical School.

Later on, he enrolled in the cardiology study at the Cardiology Catholic University School in Rome. His operations were featured in around 60 podcasts across nearly ten prestigious publications. Moreover, his research findings have been cited by researchers and academics approximately 10,000 times. Now, he possesses over 100 articles documented on different kinds of online platforms, proving his prowess in cardiac incentives. Beware that Circulation is the top-ranking scientific journal in the United States Heart Association. Articles featured in the Circulation typically associate with practices and intensive research regarding the cardiovascular issue’s treatment guidelines. Besides, it documents articles focusing on the cardiology perspective such as electrophysiology, heart failures, cardiovascular innervations, and much more.

Research shows that Andrea Natale has been featured in the Circulation, elaborating on these concepts more than 20 times. That has made him be ranked as the best heart arrhythmia professional globally. Throughout his prestigious medical profession, he has specialized in innovations and research on atrial fibrillation treatment. As a result, it has led to establishing the impressive ultrasound pulmonary vein-ablation system in managing atrial fibrillation. He is the first and foremost medical specialist to design patient’s medical surgery procedures. His diligent operation on atrial fibrillation has skyrocketed the development of catheter-based treatments systems. His ultimate goal is to assist those struggling with atrial fibrillation conditions to restore their normal health status and achieve quality life in the end. His profession has made him achieve numerous awards, such as the Innovator of the year while serving at the Cleveland Clinic.