Isidoro Quiroga has been investing in different businesses. In a recent move, he decided to venture into hoe energy solutions. His company has been offering different solutions to people across Chile. Several families are interested in energy-saving solutions. In various ventures he has been investing in, he has come up with practical solutions that have played a significant role. He was running Enphase energy and later sold it to diversify his income sources. For instance, after selling the company, he ended up buying bonds worth 14 million. He has been active in buying and selling businesses. The moves he makes in different business ventures have been very effective because they have made him make money.

Chilean businessman

Isidoro Quiroga is known all over Chile because of his excellent business mind. He started by investing in Enphase and later moved to other business ventures. In the different business ventures where he has been involved, he always makes the right moves. It can be seen from the way he has managed to grow his wealth over time. It is not easy to move from one business to another; he knows how to make the right moves and get the business running.

Selling Enphase Energy for US$819 million

One of the big business moves that Isidoro Quiroga made was to sell his company for a profit. He had started the company from a small beginning but sold it for up to 10 times the initial cost. His great ability to come up with the right investments has made him well known worldwide. As far as making a business decision is involved, he has been at the forefront in coming up with the right moves that have contributed to making him money.

Design and manufacturing of home energy solutions

Enphase is a company that has been at the forefront in providing home energy solutions. They design systems that contribute to saving energy at home. In countries such as Chile, affordable energy is essential. Through his investments, he decided to develop a company that offers customers the right services they need. Apart from solar energy, they also deal in domestic energy storage solutions. The decision to venture into home energy solutions made the company attract a lot of attention. People from different parts of Chile have been attracted to their products. Isidoro has also invested in Australis Seafoods. He knows how to grow busses then flip them for profits.