James Gutierrez focuses on creative financial services tech, which also deals in lending. James leverages financial technologies experience to offer previously underbanked clients get better liquidity access through ventures he operates. Gutierrez, a social entrepreneur, has invested and partnered in establishing several corporations. James is a visionary partner of Insikt Ventures, which concentrates on Series A and seed investments in consumer and fintech products.

He also co-founded another organization in 2005 called Progreso Financiero, which was renamed Oportun later. The entity offers unsecured loans to consumers bearing limited credit history. Oportun has provided about 500,000 customers with loans over $1.5 billion since its inception through their approach. Gutierrez, well known for his entrepreneurial spirit, has served in multiple public-service institutions.

Within these organizations, he offers critical expertise that promotes various social-justice campaigns. He has worked with Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) as their incumbent vice-chair. James Gutierrez also pushes for the successful passage of state and federal laws developed by authorities to increase the accessibility of safe small-dollar credit funds. James, an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, dedicates himself to develop and seek productive opportunities to benefit people.

The social entrepreneur utilizes his expertise to implement revolutionary techniques in the loaning sector and offer strategic financial opportunities to conventionally marginalized groups. He recently discussed various motivations in the professional banking industry. James Gutierrez stated that opportunity and inclusivity were themes he held as working principles. Throughout his professional career, James stood out for ensuring the two were his companies’ mission.

He acknowledges the meaningful discourse America was and stated that actual inequality solutions were a vital priority. James added that America was under overall faux recovery. According to James, the flawed system kept enriching the wealthy class since they have investments and assets within the market.

About James Gutierrez

He noted that this system would discriminate against the poor who barely get by and are not building up wealth. The broken system is non-inclusive of a channel through which the underprivileged could begin building wealth.