It is most people’s dream to own a home even once in their lifetime. Being a homeowner brings security and improves the quality of life. Even so, there are those people from distressed neighborhoods including Baltimore in Maryland, United States, who considered homeownership to be an unachievable dream. However, Kevin Seawright has partnered with RPS solutions, a company he founded in 2015, to make this dream a reality for the people of Baltimore.

RPS Solution primarily focuses on real estate. Owing to the needs of the residents from such neighborhoods, the company made it its mission to create custom housing that is cost-effective. Therefore, disadvantaged families, seniors, and those with special needs could also have access to quality lives from good housing opportunities. As a result, the communities could develop, be stable, and healthy. Kevin Seawright wanted to find a way for those with poor credit scores to have access to financing and be homeowners.

Kevin Seawright has worked in several business sectors as a financial administrator for a good number of years. His experience has been spread in the private, municipal, and education sectors. Prior to his career, Seawright pursued an MBA from Almeda University. In an interview, he gives new homebuyers pointers on how to invest in their first homes.

Kevin advises homebuyers to never go for what they are approved of. He says that you are better off investing in the cheapest house but in the best neighborhood. Investing in such a house implies that you still have some cash to spare. Therefore, you will not face a hard time as a homeowner taking care of the hidden expenses that a purchased home may have. Seawright explains that, unlike the dependence you had on your landlord to fix home repairs, the costs have to come out of pocket. Therefore, such a home cushions you from spending beyond your budget.

Seawright again advises new home buyers to relax when in the market for a home. He says that home purchase can be quite an arduous task for anyone. However, focusing on the benefits of being a homeowner can rejuvenate you and give you the motivation required for the home purchase process. He states that taking a break once in a while from the whole process may be a good idea.

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