Blockchain welcomed their new CFO in Macrina Kgil. According to the Medium article from December of 2018, she will help the company grow and continue to serve tens of millions of its customers. Macrina Kgil is the new chief financial officer and has a background in growing companies and is knowledgeable about IPO, and public company finance functions. The CEO, Peter Smith, stated how Macrina has helped them go public and manage many of its assets. The company thought she would be an excellent fit for what they need going forward, and importantly, believes she was the best candidate for the job. Macrina Kgil is described as a proven financial leader in the industry. Notably, she is also described as intelligent in the area of blockchain. Kgil has worked as an auditor and capital market transaction advisor and brought many companies public like Fortress and OneMain Holdings. The individual brought finance teams together and has a lot of experience managing assets for various firms. Macrina Kgil released a statement about how compelled she was to join the Blockchain team and help them grow. She believes it was a great opportunity and sees a lot of promise in the company. is known as a cryptocurrency platform and sells products.

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