Molekule air purifier. In this review, the author examines all of the system’s good qualities. What do you expect to receive when you order a Molekule? There are two types of air purifiers, both with the same impressive technology called PECO. The author explains PECO Stands for Photo Electrochemical Oxidation. That means the filter used in the Molekule and Molekule Mini oxidizes pollutants and can destroy contaminants one thousand times smaller than what a traditional HEPA filter can trap. The author shows the packaging is eco-friendly and quite agreeable in terms of appearance. A cloth bag holds the air purifier. The author also explains how manageable the setup is; plug in the air purifier and connect to the machine via the Molekule Review app, downloadable on any Samsung or Apple phone. The author explains; at $799, the Molekule is costly but worth the price; if you cannot afford such, the mini that retails for $399 works excellently.

The author expresses that upon using both the Molekule and Molekule Mini, they are impressed by what the air purifier can achieve, as it has seemed to make the author of the article’s life better. However, the author says there appears to be a drawback; light on the machine needs to run for the PECO filter to work efficiently. It means light in your room while you are attempting to rest. There is, however, a night mode on the device, the author explains. It would be slightly less efficient, but the time the light is on during the day would easily make up when the machine runs on lower efficiency. Overall, the author recommends the Molekule and Molecule Mini air purifiers highly.

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