John Ritenour is an autonomous and self-driven entrepreneur. Indeed, the entrepreneur’s work ethic has not transitioned, but his focus has changed even further toward carving more time for his family. Over the years, the entrepreneur has risen through the ranks to build a legacy in the business landscape.

He learned the value and ropes of hard work from the fledgling phases of his career. Intrigued with the prospects of building something unique, he leveraged his perfected skills and wealth of knowledge to launch the Insurance Office of America. In addition to spearheading the company into an industry-leading behemoth, he mastered the prospects of truly “having it all.”

When initiating a business, it is vital to find individuals with aligning motivations and goals. For John Ritenour, his wife Valli offered strong partnership professionally and personally. Rather than sacrifice his company’s tremendous growth, John Ritenour mastered the art of maintaining direction and oversight.

Working together with his wife enabled the entrepreneur to have quality time with their son Heath. With Valli taking an active interest in daily business endeavors, John Ritenour could pursue his passions and couldn’t miss any substantial part of his son’s life. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he recognized the need to form strategic partnerships to achieve long-term success.

Throughout their professional career, John Ritenour built an incredible reputation as a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs, industry professionals, and team members. He played a pivotal role in inspiring his team to nurture new skill sets, strive for success, and rise through the company’s ranks. Indeed, the entrepreneur mentored his son to ensure that he was prepared to follow his footprints. He bestowed his unrivalled leadership skills to his son while committing ample time to share his wisdom and energy. The businessman flaunts maintaining a work-life balance and leveraging hard work as a foundation for his achievements.