BeachbodyMany people get stuck in the idea that they will be overweight forever. Thanks to the inspiration, encouragement and plan offered by Carl Daikeler, this doesn’t have to be the case. As the co-founder and president of BeachBody, Mr. Daikeler makes it easier for a person to move on from a life carrying excess pounds. He helps people of all ages, sizes and ability levels shed their extra weight, get fit and feel better about how they look.

Philosophy and Education

Carl Daikeler earned his bachelor’s degree at New York’s Ithaca College. His major in organizational management set him up to be a successful leader and quick decision-maker. Throughout his young adult years, he maintained an interest in fitness. He set aside time for daily exercise. Like many other young adults, he often avoided eating vegetables, but he did fine-tune his diet to be heavy in protein and light on processed foods. He knew the best way to a strong and healthy body was to nourish it and use it.

Early Career

BeachbodyIn the early years of his career, Carl Daikeler worked for the National Football League. For about four years, he coordinated halftime shows for fans. This experience led to his next role as a producer in the infomercial industry. Over the course of eight years, he produced hundreds of paid advertisements touting new products that people could use at home. Many of those products were related to weight loss. Mr. Daikeler got an idea that he could help people lose weight, and that’s when he stepped away from the infomercial industry to start BeachBody.

Founding of BeachBody

The founding of BeachBody occurred in 1998 when Carl Daikeler released a set of 12 workouts on DVD format. He spent the next 15 years adding more products and videos to the empire. In 2009, he and his wife launched Shakeology as the program’s nutritional component. A cloud-based streaming option for workouts released in 2015 soared in use in 2020 as a result of widespread gym closures. Mr. Daikeler launched popular workouts like Insanity, and he added an app in 2018.