Pam Baer is a famous community leader mainly for her philanthropic activities. Pamela Baer is a businesswoman based in San Francisco and also married to Larry Baer, CEO of SF Giants. Pam Baer has, therefore, become a dominant force in the Bay Area because she dedicates her time focusing on the vulnerable populations as well as proper healthcare.

Pamela Baer also works as a director of San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, and works in several boards either as a member or an advisor. More so, Pamela focuses on improving women’s welfare and preservers the global cultural traditions. She also participates in various public health and educational efforts.

Pam Baer is a Texas native who attended the local university in Austin to earn a degree in finance and marketing before advancing to New York City. On graduation, Pam Baer embarked on financial services in the industry, and then later founded a marketing venture in partnership with some former customers.

It was a direct mail advertising business that offered financial services and boosted customers as well as B2B clients including those from Fortune 500. After accumulating sufficient industry exposure, Pam Baer created an innovative strategy in business, mostly doing business in a special way centered around social responsibility.

After marrying Larry Baer, they relocated to San Francisco, and comfortably grew their family of four kids, Pamela developed some community-oriented projects that showcased her capacity to include other individuals in some fundraising initiatives.

Pamela Baer’s philanthropic nature was spotted from a tender age but it intensified after had an accident but was treated at the General Hospital that she developed to cater to the vulnerable.

The outstanding services and care they enjoyed at the hospital inspired her to join the hospital foundation as a director until 2018. Pamela Baer was then named the Board’s Lifetime Director. Go here for additional information.


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