Diversity is one of the most important things for modern business owners. People have always been taught the benefits of embracing diversity in their lives and businesses, but they have still failed to focus on this special agenda. Michael Patrick Carroll is starting to take the issue of diversity seriously in his life. As one of the successful entrepreneurs, philanthropists and business leaders in the world, the executive is leading by example. Michael Patrick Carroll has just decided to join a coalition that focuses on advancing diversity and inclusion in all organizations. The coalition is known as CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. The entrepreneur is happy about the move he has made, and he is already looking forward to learning something from the other leaders.

At the moment, very few Fortune 500 presidents are black. A study shows that only less than one percent. The same facility has given very few opportunities for female leaders too. Many employers in the world have also failed in retaining the professionals belonging to the LGBTQ community. M. Patrick Carroll has also realized that over fifteen million individuals living in the United States are living with various types of disabilities. These millions of people are in the working range, and they have a problem landing positions in the corporate world because of discrimination. The new coalition, according to M. Patrick Carroll will play a key role in bringing company leaders together and changing their collective voice concerning diversity in different companies.

When CEOs pledge to work together for the common goal of diversity, things will be better for everyone. People will start to appreciate their different talents and live together without discrimination. The CEO pledge will ensure that the color and race of an individual does not matter when people are getting positions in the working stations.

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