PosiGen mainly works mostly in implementing solar power to all homesteads to have it affordable and most easily accessible. They work mostly in the homes of moderate-income communities and communities of color. At PosiGen, they implement this by leasing the solar programs to the communities, thus making the solar accessible to them. By doing this, the families can invest in the homes, save much on their utility bills, and thus make their future brighter.


PosiGen solar power company, through their mission and vision of making the communities gets affordable solar energy’s they do this by using their four pillars which get the following (Nola):


  • Making a positive impact on the families they do serve-It gets done by having the families with the solar installed appliance, which saves on the monthly bills; thus, the families can save some money with PosiGen services. The solar power company believes that not making a dollar from every customer but making every customer saves a dollar which gets used in other needs in the family.


  • PosiGen believes in providing opportunities to the communities and the families they serve. In most of the projects, they have collaborated with over 65% of their employees in ensuring they come from communities of color.


  • They ensure they support the growth of the communities of color and low-income communities. PosiGen ensures they provide solar to them this n] bringing a change to them through their saving on the bills which accumulates money which gets channeled into solving other needs.


  • PosiGen ensures they make a difference in the environment, starting from the big to the small ones. So, for example, the investments in solar promote technology much where many get likely to invest in the area.