Ross LevinsohnWhen Ross Levinsohn attended classes at American University almost four decades ago, he affirmed his solid passion for media and technology. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1985, he gained extensive professional experience in progressively more advanced positions until he landed the role of Director of Production and Marketing Enterprises at HBO. He held that position for six years before moving through executive positions as a variety of notable businesses. Today, Levinsohn is the new Chief Executive Officer at Maven, and these initial accomplishments only scratch the surface of the exceptional accomplishments and experiences that have boosted him into his current position.

After leaving HBO, he spent a short period of time at Alta Vista before joining Fox Interactive Media as President. Notably, he solidified key connections between major web properties and Fox Interactive Media during the six years with the company. He then served as the Managing Director at Fuse and the CEO at Guggenheim Digital Media. While in the latter role, Ross Levinsohn spearheaded publications like AdWeek, the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Magazine. His more recent positions have been with Whisper Advisors, Sports Illustrated, The Boston Consulting Group, ZEFR, Thryv and others.

While Ross Levinsohn has had a series of progressive accomplishments that have notable evolved the companies he has worked for and the industry in various ways, Levinsohn attributes his success as the new CEO at Maven to more than a strong resume and hard work. He also acknowledges that his keen listening skills and his fearless ability to dream big have benefited him well.