A day after Prince Philip’s funeral, dozens of his former colleagues at Gordonstoun School paraded to pay last respect to their former schoolmate, friend, and colleague.

Although many people throughout Great Britain paid their last respect to the fallen Duke of Edinburg, this group of former friends did so in style.

It should be remembered that Gordonstoun School was and remained so dear to Prince Philip all the time he was alive because it is here that the former prince learned for the first time how to sail when he was still a teen.

To show their love for the fallen hero, the former students arranged a special tribute song, which they sang uninterrupted.

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At the shore, one of the former students played a pipe as his colleagues sang along. On a large banner was the former prince’s Coat of Arms magnificent enough for everyone to see.

The pipe, although not as old as Prince Philip, was a present to Gordonstoun School’s pipe band. Her Majesty presented the band with the pipe. Speaking during the funeral, Lisa Kerr, the current principal eulogized the late as one of the famous students the school has ever had.

The principal said the school will continue to remember the prince and other fallen heroes who went through the institution.

“The late Prince Philip joined Gordonstoun School back in 1934. Even in those days, the prince realized Gordonstoun was, still is a secure place. It is in the school the Duke realized his potential.

Thanks to the stability, security, and motivation in the then surrounding, he was able to know the best and true version of his strengths and weaknesses,” said Lisa Kerr.

The principal added that it was during the former prince’s time at Gordonstoun School he developed an intense love for how to sail. He could later show the world his immense love for marine life.

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