Since its establishment in 1964, HealthKeeperz has been providing the highest quality at-home healthcare services in North Carolina. The company started as a small community pharmacy in Pembroke. Its founder, Howard Brooks, continued to grow and expand it. Today, HealthKeeperz is a multi-faceted organization that employs over 150 individuals and serves 12 counties in southeastern North Carolina.

HealthKeeperz is a community-focused organization that aims to provide compassionate care and support to its patients. Through its partnership with the patient and their family, it can help them avoid costly hospital stays and provide them with at-home care.

Family members and individuals can choose from a variety of professional services at HealthKeeperz. These include Medicare-certified home health care, hospice care, and case management services. It also provides medical equipment and supplies.

The company’s staff members are passionate about providing their patients with the best possible care. They work together to develop personalized care plans that are designed to meet their individual needs.

At every level of the organization, HealthKeeperz is committed to providing the best possible care. This is proven by its continuous efforts to meet the regulatory requirements of the state and the standards of the industry.

HealthKeeperz is a member of various organizations that promote the quality of home health care and hospice care in North Carolina. These include the NC Association of Home Care and Hospice Care, The Carolinas Center for End-of-Life Care, and The Medical Equipment Suppliers Association.

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