Adelle Archer established Eterneva in partnership with Garrett Ozar and is also the CEO of the company. This company specializes in grief wellness company which specializes in consumer technology resources for honoring people and the lives of their dead pets by converting them into ashes as well as hair into diamonds.

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Adelle Archer attended the Austin’s Acton College of Business in Texas to acquire an MBA in Entrepreneurship. She later worked at CrateJoy as a Business Manager, an executive marketing director for Bigcommerce as well as TrendKite’s Product Advertising Head. These experiences seemed invaluable in 2017 by the time she collaborated with Ozar to found Eterneva.

Adelle Archer’s influence has been recognized by Forbes and the Inc Magazine. She also turned out in a popular segment of a TV show called Shark Tank that attracted business mogul Mark Cuban to invest in Eterneva.

Adelle Archer realized that maximizing her youth would instigate her to impact her life and go beyond to help others. Adelle also encouraged other people to implement their youthful ideas for as much time as possible because a young person can see things.

Youth has the energy and belief to transform the world, something that everyone has experienced at some point. Adelle still invested in the youthful feeling and charted lucrative, impactful, and meaningful paths.

The idea of helping others has enabled Adelle Archer to achieve great success in the diamond-making industry. Adelle retaliates that this journey has not been easy because everyone has a series of tribulations and trials to discover oneself. Adelle claimed that her initial chapter was in politics because she had a dream to transfigure the world.

Politics was an easier route to trigger a difference in the world. He even initiated a club while at school and was enticed by the free-market options that could address certain world issues.

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