Beginning from other companies, as the manager gave AlejandroBetancourt the professionalism needed to run a company. Born in 1980, he has grown to influence fashion by making reputable sunglasses through his leader in Hawkers. A company that has blended friendly environment materials to showcase the beauty of sunglasses. Hawkers have remained on top of its game around the world with its trendy and affordable sunglasses. The sunglasses are made in different colors to fit any person, whether old or young. Hawker Co is regarded as one of the largest producers of glasses and making a lot of revenue through their sales.

Through this visionary CEO, Alejandro Betancourt, the company has massively succeeded in eating a slice of cake in other areas like Asia and North America. Hawker have been in progression as they make sunglasses that do not have hefty price tags and likable to their client’s target. Alejandro Betancourt also takes pride in the fact that they have created biodegradable sunglasses, including 100% sustainable packaging in their packaging and delivery. The features in these sunglasses include materials collected include One LS Eco Sapphire, among others. A goal that has been achieved through Alejandro Betancourt has been to brand the sunglasses. Through the advancement of technology, the company has conquered its clients through social media. Most of the sales have also been made online, meaning that even those areas for their deliveries can get to them.

Hawkers have also included other products with strategic marketing and client satisfaction, including polarized lenses and Nebulas. Alejandro Betancourt has also offered a platform for other partners to come in handy for Hawker, endorsing the brand through different personalities like musicians, athletes, and even tech leaders to heighten the international market. Despite the success and fame, he has humbled himself to serve the less privileged in society by giving to charity.

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