Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is grateful for many things that have happened in his life in business. The South American native however, speaks about his involvement and career at Hawkers with great passion. Lopez found a team of friends when he joined Hawkers over five years ago. In his newly found business activity, the businessman still remembers the roadblocks he faced. In the first months, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had the worst experience.

The fashion wasn’t as easy had he had expected. The funds he brought into the company were being spent so fast because of the production costs. Lopez ran a company named O’Hara Administration while still establishing himself at Hawkers who need funding. O’Hara Administration specialized in asset management. The greatest mission in the investment market was to help funding of projects in various industries. The platform was open to any organization, regardless of its locations. The asset management company had already shown Lopez what he needed to do to make any venture fruitful.

Having the right financial instincts helped Alejandro Betancourt Lopez so much from the start. Lopez documented each step taken for the business he was funding. The value of the brand started to get tracked in an effective way. Production costs that were at the time high were brought down in a well calculated way.

Lopez travelled all the way to China where he could find affordable manufacturing platforms. The Chinese organization did not disappoint the new investor in their platform. The institution got light and very high-quality sunglasses material to use in their manufacturing, producing an excellent and out of the world product that sold very fast in the market.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez benefited a lot from this deal with the china company. Apart from reducing the costs, the brand expert got products that were unique and not common in any part of the world.

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