Alexander PayneAlexander Payne, a Nebraska native, is well known for his work in the film industry. His work includes screenwriting, producing and directing of films. He also holds one of the few prized positions as a judge for the Tribeca Film Festival.

Mr. Payne was born in the midwest and went to college at Stanford for History and Spanish. He then went on to receive his Masters In Fine Arts from UCLA in filmmaking and that was the start of his impressive career. His time at UCLA allowed him to learn that hi pasion is for showing realism and the darkness in humanity while also adding an element of comedy.

Alexander Payne’s love of film dated to far before the release of his first film. In the 1960’s, he developed a love for collecting films after his father was awarded a projector. The particular part of film collecting that brought him the most joy was buying prints from Blackhawk Films. It was during these young years that he realized it was his hope to make viewers find a soft spot for seemingly unloveable charachters.

Alexander Payne

A major part of Payne’s filmmaking that is so impressive is that he manages to create content regarding very pressing moral and ethical issues without actually taking a side in the issues. This was seen throughout many of his critically-acclaimed movies beginning with Citizen Ruth, where he showed both sides of the abortion topic without taking a side and all the way through to the more recent Downsizing, where he hits on many important topics including climate change and consumerism without making his own opinion on the topic obvious.

Payne has some exciting films on the way and is pairing up again with Paul Giamatti after a decade and a half since their last film was created together. People are very excited to see what film Alexander Payne comes out with next.