BeachBodyCarl Daikeler is on a mission to help people rebuild their self-confidence through a healthier and fitter body. His career began in entertainment. He produced halftime shows for the NFL for five years, and he followed it with eight years of producing infomercials. The infomercial industry demonstrated to Daikeler that a lot of people were interested in getting fit, but they needed some help getting started.

In 1998, Carl Daikeler and Darin Olien founded the Beachbody program. Daikeler got the idea for the name after he saw a bikini-clad lady on a billboard. Their program started with a dozen exercise videos recorded onto DVDs. A person could buy each DVD and work out from the comfort of their own home. There was no longer a need for a person to get started on their fitness journey with an embarrassing or inconvenient trip to the gym.

The program did so well that Daikeler and Olien produced hundreds of the workout DVDs. Daikeler’s commitment to his audience was clear because he starred in many of the videos. In 2009, Daikeler and his associates launched the nutritional part of their fitness for life program. They called it Shakeology. The idea behind it is that the typical American diet doesn’t have enough fiber, vitamins or protein. At the same time, the usual diet has too much sugar, salt and calories.

Shakeology is a protein powder. It’s available in individual-size servings and large packs. The individual servings come in a sampler pack, so a person can see which flavor they like the best. Shakeology flavors include salted caramel, cafe latte, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and more. The powder can be stirred into a plant-based milk or dairy based milk. Users can pick a whey-based or plant-based Shakeology option.

Carl Daikeler

In 2015, Carl Daikeler and his team added Beachbody on demand to their repertoire. This program launched as a streaming service for the workouts that were already available on DVD format. It proved to be a success. In 2018, they added an app to their collection of consumer fitness services. Together, the exercise and nutrition programs facilitate wellness.