Caribou Caribou is best known as a transportation company. But they actually do so much more. This company is setting a new standard for the way things are delivered in the UK and abroad. With friendly, efficient customer service and the best technology for organizing, this company has made big waves in the transportation industry.

Founded in Manchester, in the United Kingdom, Caribou got its start in 2012 thanks to founders Dave Antrobus and Scott Dylan. Over time, Caribou has expanded by acquiring and absorbing similar companies. This company is unique in that it combines the most cutting edge technology available with a human face. This is in stark contrast to some more traditional companies in this space. Some of them have excellent customer care but unreliable service. Others have great tech but no human touch.

For example, Caribou’s app constructs the most sense-making route for drivers. They never have to double back or go far out of their way. This saves fuel, time and frustration. The app also makes it easy for people to track their deliveries. Caribou can provide same-day delivery, standard parcel delivery and even order fulfillment. End users and clients alike praise the ease of using the service and the thoughtful customer service it provides.


Over time, this company has evolved to handle more complex logistical issues. For example, Caribou is now involved in the business of freight. That includes land freight, sea freight and air freight. They are experts at warehousing and storage. They even haul goods for long distances.