Chad Price is a renowned leader in the medical field who utilizes unique strategies to deliver quality patient care. Chad Price has the desire to positively transform the medical industry in order to better assist patients and the community at large. Chad Price has a keen eye for talent and has sourced qualified professionals who have been instrumental in the growth of Mako Medical Laboratories. Mr. Chad notes on the need to incorporate cloud computing and advanced technology into the healthcare industry, which will help medical practitioners offer fast, quality, and reliable services to all their patients. Chad Price is a selfless leader who has the best interests of the community at heart.

Chad Price works together with his team in assisting the community however way they can. The team has made donations and performed volunteer work in the community. Chad Price through Mako Medical Laboratories supports hundreds of charities that are focused on special needs children, veterans, and cancer research, to mention but a few.

In addition, his excellent leadership skills have earned Mako Medical Laboratories numerous recognitions and awards over the years. Also, Mako Medical Laboratories has attracted notable partnerships with hospitals and businesses across the country due to their excellent performance in the healthcare industry.

Chad Price continues to use his excellent entrepreneurial skills in leading Mako Medical Laboratories in positively disrupting healthcare. He notes that his franchise is focused solely on providing desirable services, which sets it apart from its competitors. He also notes that innovation in technology is at the helm of their operations.